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Sam Seaborn...

My dear 'old' - but not old at all, actually pretty young - friend helen_c was doing a Christmas rec of Samfics, some of the most delightful stories you could read about Sam, and Josh *g*, and she even threw in a couple of mine from years ago, it seems. In fact, looking over one of them last night, I found myself saying, 'did I actually write that?'!

Looking back over them, I'm not sure now that it's such good writing, and it's a bit too harsh on poor old Sam, but I did love writing the stories at the time, it got me through a period of being at home with all my children when they were little and me wanting to do more with my brain but not being able to get out much. It helped me meet a whack of amazing, brilliant, talented people, some of whom actually became my friends. It developed my writing skills hugely, Samfic fans were wonderful for great and fast feedback, especially on the Yahoo site and amongst close friends, and it made it easy to work on stories with joy, getting positive responses along the way.

At 9.30, Sam was musing over a quote from Sequiche,

'Once you have heard the meadowlark and caught the scent of fresh-plowed earth, peace cannot escape you.'

I loved researching stuff for Sam stories. I loved finding quotes and ideas and picturing the stories in my head. I still love to do that but I don't have the same kind of time I had then. Now I have snatched time, with background noise and many other expectations. But it won't stop me still having a go at writing. I don't need television characters any more but it was an important stage in developing my skills and I will always appreciate that opportunity. I loved Sam and I loved to write about him in any way I could, if only to prolong the reading process of Samfics in general - if I wrote a Sam story, that was another story about Sam I got to read *g*

I hope I can continue to improve my writing. I'll keep working at it. I guess it'll be a lifelong job ;-)

We've been out all day, and I mean all day, at my cousin's house with a bunch of inter-related relatives, and we discovered the intensely embarrassing (to me OMG OMG OMG) news that I taught my cousin's partner English when he was in Year 12 back at St Pat's Silverstream (although he'd left part way through that year)! OMG I'm only six years older than him. When he realised tonight that I was that Miss Miller... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I was so embarrassed. My cousin produced the old yearbooks and there he was and there I was... *blush*

And OMG someone sent me a penguin Lj gift! Thank you xxx How absolutely wonderful!


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Dec. 27th, 2008 12:40 am (UTC)
I think it's easier when you first start writing, really writing, to have someone else's characters to work with. Especially the way we all were with The West Wing, we knew Sam inside and out! But as you write more, you can develop your own characters. From what I've read of your writing, you do a brilliant job of that!
Dec. 27th, 2008 10:20 am (UTC)
-Especially the way we all were with The West Wing, we knew Sam inside and out!
Yeah, we knew him better than anyone, huh!!! We sure analysed how he behaved in every situation, with a lot of ideas about how he MIGHT have behaved in other situations *g*

-But as you write more, you can develop your own characters
And I just love developing characters. It's so ...satisfying to my imagination.
And thanks *g*
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