natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

End of year questions...
Will our Christmas tree make it to Epiphany (January 6)? It's looking dry.
When will it stop being so hot?
Is the tiny mouse now living in our guinea pig cage able to have relations with the guinea pig? They seem very close.
Will our cat make it through the coming year? She is very thin just now.
How many episodes of X-files can I watch before I've had enough?
What happened to Elaine and did she ever get a new job, boyfriend, better neighbours or a better good friend? And should I care? No, guess not.
Will my friend Ruth (please don't use that word 'ruthless') ever learn to attach the attachments each week?
Will I ever find a way to love the Codfish?
Will I keep driving two cars?
Will we ever find Asher's school jacket or do I buy him another one?
What will Cape Reinga be like? We get there next week.
When will I be satisfied with something I write?
When when when will Nick Earls write another cool adult's novel? I'm desperate.
And when will I write a cool adult's novel *snort*
And and and I have so many questions but I'm going to bed now! What are your burning questions tonight?
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