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Sunny day today for the first day of 2009, but it became really windy. We went to the beach. Christy and I watched this man blowing up a little inflatable rowboat for his children. They pumped and blew and just when it was done, he put it on the sand and it went flying down the beach in a gust of wind! It was so funny, the boat rushed towards these young men playing cricket and they just about jumped out of their skin. It flew past our boys having soccer shots and landed about twenty metres away. The man had to chase it.

We played a new Trivial Pursuits tonight at our friends' house, with new categories like Trends! I was applauded for working out Henin beat Clijsters in the 04 Aussie Open! Our all-girls' team hadn't been too keen on sport questions up 'til then!

When we got home from the beach this afternoon, I took hold of my book Safe - I finally printed off a whole copy - and got on with the job I started about two months ago, which involves editing it ruthlessly (don't tell Ruth I said that word). It's the first time I've actually held Safe (*snort* like a baby) and seen it all in print, and it is so much easier to edit print than just work with it on a screen. You can stab at words with a pencil, cross stuff out, then erase that crossing and change things and - well, it's exciting. I've taken out whole scenes that I was never comfortable with, suddenly brave enough to do that because I'm past the point of being conservative. It almost feels... mature LOL! I'm acting like I'm going to publish it *g* and imagining reading every scene aloud. Suddenly things I wrote that I never felt quite right about but left in HAVE TO GO! I just have to be careful I don't eliminate scenes that are actually crucial to the understanding of the characters and their lives. I sat out in the sun on the deck and got through over a hundred pages. I want it all done soon so I can put it to rest, so to speak. Then I can decide what to work on next while I'm still on holiday! OMG I love holidays! All I'm taking away for next week is some writing stuff and maybe my guitar. And one textbook maybe... oh, and the children.


Jan. 1st, 2009 08:14 pm (UTC)
Oh Hannah, I've worn your brooch every day this week! Thank you so much and I desperately pray that 2009 will bring you so much more joy, success, moving forward, good work and love. You're definitely worth all of that, and now you have to get out there and GET IT! I know you are loved. And I know you deserve wonder and joy xxx

And every time you post I think OMGILOVEMARTIN!!!!!! Aaaaargh!



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