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Back home!

Okay, hey, I'm back home. It'll take me a day or two to get photos sorted and catch up with all your LJs! We arrived back to our cat, Shyler who had become a dreadfully ill, weak, skeletal cat and prepared for the vet to say today that she couldn't live any more. But the vet got me to hold her arms while he looked in her mouth and it looks like her problem was teeth. So he's taken them out and kept her overnight - I hope it isn't too expensive! But it's awful to think she could have died from, well, starvation. I could tell last night that it hurt her to swallow, but she was so pleased to see us she couldn't stop purring. We just have to hope she's fine in the morning. The vet sounded very cheery...

On the way back yesterday, we nearly had an horrific accident! We were in a passing lane, passing a couple of cars which were a bit slow, and a car ahead suddenly decided it was going to pull into the passing lane, and didn't look back to see us. The car pulled out right at our side, and I swung the car hard to the right to avoid it. Thankfully we were on a country highway and there was no oncoming traffic just then. We were all really rattled. I think the four of us really wanted to just stop and have a cry but we carried on. I would hate to die in a car crash. I've been in a few, nothing too awful, but I couldn't bear it if my children were injured.

So we drove over 2500 kilometres, Wellington to Tauranga, to Rotorua and back, to Bay of Islands, to Kaitaia, to Hamilton, back to Wellington. We didn't drive up to the Cape, we took a bus tour. It's too wild otherwise. Metal roads, no fuel, no cellular network... I promise to sort my photos out... I will put a couple of Christy's in here, Cape Reinga, the top of the North Island
This is where we had lunch in a beautiful bay just prior to heading out to the final drive to the Cape
This is the Cape
This is a close-up of the lighthouse
And the bay in the other direction
And Finn watches the Pacific Ocean meet the Tasman Sea - sometimes it can be a wall of water a few metres high!
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