natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

Cruisy day really. I woke up way too early worried about the cat but she was still hanging in there. We had a power cut for quite a while then so I just read my book in bed for a while.

The children were all elsewhere after lunch so I rode my bike to school this afternoon to get some jobs done. It was sunny and relaxing to just cruise along by the sea, despite a fairly fearful northerly.

On the home front, I'm struggling to keep the cat afloat. She won't eat or drink. I've force-fed her some water and some rice and chicken liquid using a little syringe. The vet left an apology on our answer phone. I haven't answered him yet.

I went out the night before to our girls on the Young Catholic Leaders' conference. I sent nine of our seniors, and they spend five days of their holiday working on being better leaders. They were really pleased to see me for the evening session. There weren't any other teachers there. They had one hour to prepare everything for a Mass and then at quarter past nine that night we had a Mass. It was really nice. Very relaxed. I had to take the guitar a couple of times when the girl playing lost her way but other than that I was just a prompt to make sure they felt confident. We wanted it to be their work. The girls told me they were starving (!) they're used to grazing in the holidays! So I bought them some McDonalds from the place over the road before I left and slipped it to them! I didn't get home until half past eleven last night. The conference is 30 km away at Silverstream. I'm taking my Boss out there tomorrow for the morning session.

And I've been working on schoolwork, getting ready for a new academic year... aaaaaaaaaah. No writing time for me!
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