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Warning, a gory first aid story follows...

It was an incredibly hot day here today. The sky was bright blue, the sun shone brilliantly and I had to work but the sun poured into my classroom all morning. At lunchtime I sat on my classroom verandah to read something tricky and our Head of Maths joined me - he always has interesting things to chat about. Then the Guidance Counsellor sat down to say hey. Our Principal leaned out of her office window and yelled at us to get back to work *g* she was laughing the whole time! None of us had to be there today really. School starts in earnest in a few days though, a new year, new classes, new students, and a Ministry inspection just three or four weeks into the year. Yikes!

A really gory thing happened today. I was driving my boys and two friends, four boys, from Miramar North and we came upon an accident that had just happened. A Beamer had pulled across in front of a motorbike, a Harley, with a rider and pillion passenger. The car was fine, the bike rather hurt, the pillion passenger grazed and shocked, and the rider, he had hurt his arm and had a wound on his leg. But this was no ordinary wound. I walked over to see if anyone needed first aid help, since there were only a few people there and it'd just happened. The people didn't know a lot about what to do, and had fashioned a kind of tourniquet thing around the guy's knee with a towel. I wouldn't have done that but once it was done, I wasn't going to undo it with the ambulance close by. This guy's shin had honestly ripped open from knee almost to ankle, and you could see the whole white shinbone, flesh, tendon-looking things, fatty tissue, all hanging off in strips. He had full gear, boots, leather jacket, black jeans, but it wasn't able to prevent the damage to his leg. I didn't want to hurt him any, so I just laid a clean towel over the top of the whole mess. OMG! It'll be quite a job to fit all that crap back into his leg, I am sure. The boys watched from the car, and they were pretty grossed out but impressed that I could deal with it! Since I couldn't do much else, and another guy was maintaining the pressure on the leg, I just held the guy's hand and reassured him. He was a tough young guy. Was sure his new girlfriend's mother would kill him, even though it wasn't his fault. Even insisted on phoning his boss and leaving a message. I told him to just squeeze my hand and he did, but he said he didn't want to hurt me! I'm sure he was in shock, he was so calm! the ambo guy said to him, after looking at his leg, 'Congratulations, you've earned yourself a ride to hospital.' Once they were getting on with the job, I drove our boys home. I hope the guy is going to be just fine. He'll have a damn good scar, I guess...


Jan. 27th, 2009 02:45 pm (UTC)
When Colin nearly cut his fingers off I didn't look - just drove him to hospital as fast as I dared!!

Hairy Maclary is proving very popular, btw!!! Jamie tries to stroke the dogs!!
Jan. 30th, 2009 09:31 am (UTC)
-Hairy Maclary is proving very popular, btw!!! Jamie tries to stroke the dogs!!
Hee! I was amazed how much my children liked the stories, especially Finn. A woman we used to be friendly with (she was married to a friend of Steve's) has made a fortune illustrating children's books, and she did beautiful art, amazing stuff, like this one for a NZ author
, and was quite derisive of Lynley Dodd's scratchings. But it's that minimalist art that catches some children's imaginations, huh.
Jan. 30th, 2009 09:50 am (UTC)
Part of the beauty of your friend's illustrations lies in the background details, but I think very small children need less detail. They can't distinguish which bit of the picture is important (unless it's animated, as on TV) so a large character on a nearly white background makes more sense to them!



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