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I have so much schoolwork to do this week I could explode. And the children seem to be demanding at the moment, maybe because of so much change in their lives at school. You wouldn't believe the fuss Finn made this morning because he had a sore shoulder. Asher by contrast could have a severed limb and be heading off to school saying he'll be okay...

I went to Borders. I bought the latest John Grisham. I couldn't resist. It was cheaper there than at The Warehouse. It's all shiny and new with a hard cover. OMG. I'm saving it for when I'm not so busy. I hope it's good Grisham, not like that Playing for Pizza crap. John Grisham, Nick Earls, Phil Gulley, my favourite authors, probably the three writers I'd most like to meet right now! I'd desperately love to talk to John Grisham about The Testament, my all time favourite book of his. So much I'd like to discuss about Nate, his journey, his conquering of his addiction... I adore Nate. And I'd like to talk to Nick about why he likes to write about depression, in the best possible and surface-level lightest ways (the layers have deeper meaning, of course, which made Perfect Skin all the more brilliantly clever for its layers, its title and its subject matter). Phil I'm not so sure, he's so much more popular now so I wonder if it will change him or will he retain the simplicity that won my heart. Just how he sees the funny in so much everyday stuff, I guess. I probably wouldn't want to meet Shakespeare. Hammond Innes, oh yes. The triumph he captured in Campbell's Kingdom has inspired me all my life. I guess I have no snobbery about literature. I like just what I like. Heh, I even like Safe *g*.

I also bought a book about the Exclusive Brethren in Australia and NZ. Interesting. I grew up with some Scarvies in our reasonably Catholic street because we lived within the two mile radius of their church. I bought the book for school as we teach that this year but I'm looking forward to being the first to read it. I've always found those people and their view of Christianity rather fascinating if hard to comprehend.

And I guess that's it from me. Ka kite ano.
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