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Hey hey team. It's Saturday! Did my 'theology' work for the week early this morning. The Papal document was actually more interesting than the accompanying article (I find them all intensely boring). I don't have sashajwolf's travel time and patience for reading or blue_leaf's OCD so it's amazing to have done this week's work 36 hours before posting is due ;-)

We had a great day yesterday at school. I had chosen it for Caritas Solidarity Day, and I gave myself a dose of leprosy for the morning (I taped up my fingers and wore an eye patch). Some of my Mercy Crew played along, with some choosing to be mute for the entire day, some in handcuffs, one with a black cloth over her face and one wore a torn, 'bloodied' t-shirt and had her hands and feet in chains! She even walked down to St Pat's like that for a class! It was all about raising awareness of suffering, and helped us to get great donations for Caritas (Catholic Aid Agency) in return for a mufti day. We held a coin trail on the courts at interval and then counted up all the Lenten Appeal money. We've also been collecting Easter eggs for poor children and children in hospital so we'll give those out on Monday. My office is overflowing with foil wrapped chocolate! OMG! It is SO tempting.

I was teaching my Year 9s to read the Bible. Right, I said, as they sat there expectantly with their Bibles in hand, let's turn to the very first book of the Bible.
What? said one girl, holding her Bible aloft. But this is a book!

Ooh, said another, flicking through shortly afterwards, there's a book about jobs in here... *g*

And what else? Holidays in one week's time, I can't wait. I am going to work hard this week so I can WRITE all holidays, all two weeks of it! Write write write like a real person instead of the teacher I have to be in term time. I wish... *sigh* no, I WILL keep writing, no matter what. It's what keeps me really happy underneath all the chaos of raising teenagers and working full time with a whole lot more teenagers. I think Safe is done and dusted and ready to send to some place other than my laptop. Where, I have no idea!!! I just think I'm ready to share it before I, you know, die! Life is short. What's next? Time to rework Breathing Space and make it come alive for me before I share it with anyone else.


Apr. 5th, 2009 03:39 am (UTC)
I love your icon *g*

You're so kind! And I made it better, took out some things that made me uncomfortable (I like that even when you're done writing something, you can go back and change it - you get to a point when you think you can't change it then one day you realise, oh yeah, duh, that's right, it's MY writing, I can do whatever I want!)

-I can let you know if I find something worth trying in my researches:-)
Thanks! I think the idea here would be you send it to an agent. And although I had one keen publisher, I don't think he was really real. It'd be easy to get ripped off.



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