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Reminiscing about Sam...

Something got me thinking about Sam this morning. So just now I wandered over to Geraldine's site where she stored my fics, and for a few minutes just sat and read an old fic, almost curious that I wrote it myself *g*

This bit was particularly easy for me to visualise in terms of TWW characterisation...

CJ smiled predatorially, feeling a masterful surge of power as she mentally prepared her attack. She leaned casually against the bookcase, drumming her fingers on the shelf. Josh glanced up at her,
"Hey, CJ, what's up?"

"Why don't you tell me, Joshua?"

"What d'you mean?"

"We-e-ell, I think that you have morning news that you haven't shared with the class."

"I don't - "

"You do. You just tell me what's up. Tell me because I am the White House Press Secretary and you work in the White House. Tell me because I am your close colleague. Tell me because your office is not far from mine and - " her voice rose, "because God help us, we obviously don't have enough electronic communication devices between us to convey simple messages to one another!"

"CJ -" Josh put his hands up defensively.

"Tell me about Sam, Josh!"


Toby moved his focus from CJ to Josh. He raised an eyebrow at the man on the couch,
"Did you just squeak?"

"No!" Josh jumped to his feet and paced to the end of the office, leaning against the wall with folded arms. Toby watched him quizzically,

"What about Sam? You never said anything about Sam."

"He didn't tell you either?" CJ's eyes swivelled briefly to Toby before refocusing on an increasingly uncomfortable Josh.

Toby frowned, "Isn't Sam in his office?"

...I loved writing fics. I really did. What a great education in writing that was.

ETA: amazingly, Asher is studying The Outsiders by SE Hinton! I taught that novel through the late '80s! It was something the boys would actually read. And of course I had the video tape of it (with Sam aka Rob in it of course *g*). Asher's teacher is young and has only read the book and he is calling the Soc's 'socks' instead of 'Soshes' for Socials *g*
Now Asher and Finn are watching the movie tonight on video, it feels like a new generation of The Outsiders in the family! And Finn can't believe it as we watch and I keep quoting the next line in the script... *sigh*


Apr. 6th, 2009 10:39 am (UTC)
-spent years trying to interest my mostly non reading daughter in To Kill a Mockingbird - then someone else suggested it to her and she read it and loved it! Why do children not listen to you?*g*
Hee! I spent years just convincing my children that you can love reading!

-I love reading good fanfic but have only tried writing it the once. I think it would be a great way to start writing.
Fanfic was a great way to start writing. As long as you stayed in character, time, place, you could spend time crafting the story without worrying about characterisation or setting. I liked doing the research for the political stories for TWW even though I'm not into politics in real life, not in a political way (maybe in an issue kind of way). And the TWW readers and writers were the most astute, thoughtful, stunningly brilliant people when it came to feedback. I had wonderful, rapid feedback on everything, from all sorts of people in various countries (all northern hemisphere). It was such a great learning activity. And a good way to make friends. *shrug* and lose them too. I really appreciate those days though. It was special and a lot of fun.



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