natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

Easter Sunday... Sonrise, sunrise...

At last Holy Week and Easter are over. With the changes brewing in the Catholic Church (Worshipping Under Southern Skies), rumoured to be initiated and engineered by the American Catholics who seem to represent a big stick-in-the-mud group of conservative spoilers, Masses are becoming more tedious, less friendly, more exclusive and less pleasant. Soon, as far as I can see, there will be no heart, just ceremony and tradition. Sad, huh.
"The sign of peace shall be exchanged in a sombre manner."
"The priest will not step out of the sanctuary during Mass."
"There will be no recessional hymn."
There will be more cantoring, less participation by lay adults and more ceremony and silences. Not impressed. So not impressed.

But anyway, now it's over, I have done my duty fourfold, and I can start to relax and already I can feel the writing starting to bubble up from within. It obviously takes a few days to filter school and family organisational stress out of my headspace!

Today was a gloriously sunny and calm day. A friend came over after Mass (to collect her son who had stayed the night) and we sat outside eating leftover hot cross buns with our coffee. It was lovely out on the deck, and it's only the late dew tonight that reminds me autumn is truly here.

A friend of ours is having horrific doses of chemo at the moment, and his wife stayed after Mass today to tell me all about it. Darned GP didn't diagnose the large tumour and now the chemo is to attack the spreading of the disease. It's very hard, knowing he's so ill, he's one of my favourite parishioners. I baked them cookies today, for the children or visitors to eat. His wife's sister and her family became very close to us when their own son, Alex, had leukaemia, and so we've already been through that battle, the same one Viv and Ian are living at the moment. It's terribly consuming, fighting cancer. It's just so very hard.

And tomorrow, Easter Monday, a public holiday here, school holiday too. I shall... well, you know what I want to do... *g*
Oh and I'm reading this really weird book by a psychiatrist who claims to be working with someone who has lived lives of the past... I'll get back to you on that one. I'm wondering where the book is taking me.
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