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Seeking a little Pluravit...

Friday night. It's really really wet and cold. Not necessarily freezing by your northern hemisphere standards but we have a nasty wind chill factor that can wipe you out in a very short period of time! My friend from the Ukraine used to say the wind here was colder than their snows. There, if you have the right clothes, you can be okay. Here, no snow but the cold wind cuts right through you! And it's like that tonight. I just dropped Christy and a friend in town and visibility was terrible. I'm hoping the soccer is cancelled in the morning as my little Finn will freeze on Seatoun Park ...and I want to go to O'Shea Shield.

O'Shea Shield is the Catholic Colleges competition (17 colleges from Lower North Island and one from Nelson). I went up to Napier for it last year to drive some of our senior students. Christy came for the ride. This year it's in Wellington, at Christy's old college. They're not particularly talking to me LOL since Christy left.

Last year our school came third equal (there was a tie for first as well) but I'm not sure we're so strong this year. It's a public speaking competition, debate, oratory, impromptu speaking, scripture reading, religious drama, junior prepared speech and religious questions. I'm not really looking forward to it but have to go anyway. And it'll be COLD!

NZ had a huge shock here yesterday with the fatal shooting of an experienced cop in Napier by some nutter who also seriously injured two other cops and a neighbour. Our cops tend to go around unarmed and not really expecting violence - this was a simple search warrant. We're still a very quiet kind of country and violence of that nature is really unexpected, especially in a small town.

On better news fronts, my GP phoned me tonight, and he's a big ManU fan! He was pretty chirpy! We can't wait to see how the season ends now.

I am kind of low at the moment but I can't quite decide why, I think I just have too much work and too many teenagers in the house to deal with on a daily basis, too much school stuff, housework, worry about Mission Day, details to get right, essays to write, work to mark, classes to prepare...! I'm going to spend this weekend getting into a better space in my head before the coming week. Sitting at O'Shea might give me time to do some thinking and planning, huh. I'll get over it pronto, I'm sure.
So. That's me. How are you doing?


May. 9th, 2009 01:41 am (UTC)
There's nothing worse than standing in freezing weather and rain watching your kid turning blue on a soccer field!! Hope for both your sakes it was cancelled!!!!

That was terrible about the shooting, but at least it is over now. It seems that kind of thing is happening everywhere - people no longer try and control themselves but just let loose. A sign of the times I suppose :-(
May. 11th, 2009 10:28 am (UTC)
Yeah, soccer was cancelled on Saturday and it actually turned out to be a nice day! But the grounds were soggy!

It's even colder tonight. I can't believe it's only autumn!

The shooting was so sad. One of the guitarists at church went to school with the policeman, the policeman's sister goes to our local bowls club with one of the readers at church, the Police spokesperson goes to our church as well, and they were all there on Sunday. It was very sobering. But yeah, it seems to be what people are doing now. No control!



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