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Bounce back up...

Thank goodness the O'Shea Shield weekend is over. We pretty much came third, which is brilliant as far as I can see, but my Principal would have liked an even better result! She's very competitive. I have hardly a competitive bone in my body.

I'm getting ready for Mission Day. I decided over the weekend to break out of the miserable lethargy that was threatening to overtake me, and am working on being more cheerful and confident this week. The cheerful I can do pretty well, but for some reason the confidence thing is struggling. I'll get there. I try hard not to let things overwhelm me. Don't always succeed *snort*

One of our guitarists had his last Mass at our parish for a year or so. He's gone up the coast on a 'sabbatical', still working but enjoying a different lifestyle. We're a bit jealous because he's gone to JCjnr's parish, although he insists he isn't going to go to Mass up there. I'll miss him for personal reasons, he's such a good guitarist, I can leave stuff to him sometimes which takes the pressure off my piano playing!

I bought a Generation4 iPod yesterday. Mother's Day. I decided to get something to help with work. I can have a heap of holy music just handy in my pocket - how cool is that! It's blue - are you surprised? and it's beautiful and Christy chose me blue headphones. I can hardly believe it's really mine! But it'll be really useful for school, as I have a big speaker it can plug into. The girls don't respect CDs.

I seem to have a lot ahead over the next few weeks, with conferences and stuff. Palmerston North next week. Perth at the end of June. I'm keeping up with my Graduate Theology stuff so far, although my first essay still hasn't been marked which is annoying. I just want to pass before I start the next one! It means I'm not writing my own stuff because I just can't afford the time, but that doesn't stop me thinking. Reading. Plotting. Planning so many changes I want to make to Breathing Space, one day when I have a real break. July, perhaps? Or when I'm, like, fifty?!
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