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Visiting churches

Hey hey, I'm improving. Not sleeping so well but what the heck, you can always catch up on that. Busy day at school, and it rained on and off the whole day. I spent my time sprinting from my classroom to the admin block to the library all morning. Taking my big, dysfunctional RE class to town on the public buses tomorrow, to see the churches of Wellington. Should be fun although it's a bigger class than last year's and less well-behaved students, so I'm a bit nervous about it all. I hope I have it all covered. We leave after Period 1 and get back for lunch. I just hope it's fine weather, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease. I've brushed up on my neo-Gothic and Roman stuff. I know my cathedra from my nave... damn, I remember seeing Chagall's blue windows in Mainz like it were yesterday. It was like breathing blue air. I love love loved it.

I seem to have a lot of friends for whom I don't seem to be able to offer a comment much. If you're irritated about that, please let me know.

ManU champions again! Who's cheering? Just me, Rob my GP ...and the males in our house, of course. Rob phoned the other day about medical stuff and was cheering the team on. Funny to have that sort of allegiance from the other side of the world.

My Ethics class is studying injustice case studies. Makes for interesting classes this week.

But man, I'm beat. Going to bed. See you tomorrow, dudes. Another fun day ahead of us? I hope so. I think I'm ready to take life on again.


May. 18th, 2009 11:15 pm (UTC)
Hope you're catching up on sleep some. When that lack hits you, it really hits you.

Hope your church visiting went well too, it sounds interesting!
May. 19th, 2009 11:38 am (UTC)
I just don't seem to get enough done to get time to sleep for long enough as it is! Thursday I go away for the night to a conference! Maybe no one can disturb me that night!

The church visiting went really well! What a relief!



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