natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

A two day break...

Hey hey, you wouldn't believe it, I've been away to Palmerston North for the usual annual DRS-Principals' conference. First day, we were supposed to have a morning reflection, run by a special priest. He didn't come, a friend had died and he was too sad. We weren't particularly sympathetic, we all have hassles and all have to get on with our jobs. Life goes on. But at the same time, the very nature of our kind of people meant we felt very sorry for him too! So this other guy stepped in at the last minute, a nice guy who doesn't have the skills to create contemplative liturgy - he then attempted to create contemplative liturgy... snort.
Did we feel commissioned? Where is the spirit in our schools? How can we identify it? We were told to work out the answers to these questions. Told to 'go off by ourselves and think about it'. The answers to those questions took me about two minutes. Then I sat there for another two minutes. Then I texted my principal and told her how her joy made the school spirit so great. She texted back with surprise, asking how I had such a revelation. I told her. She said the school was blessed to have me! Then I just sat there some more. Finally we got back together.
Good, said the man. Now you need to get into small groups. And share what you've thought of. WTF? oh well, sure. "You have half an hour." HALF AN HOUR? OMG! How much more time could we waste??? It wasn't an auspicious start to the two days which frequently saw a lot of people whining about how hard their jobs were. I think, have your moan occasionally, have a blow out now and then, I sure do, but if it's really that hard, if you really don't like it, get the hell out and do something you do like. Life is short!
Still, I got away, I had a motel room to myself, I did my essay and posted it, five minutes before the time it was due, 11.20 tonight. So not a complete disaster, the two days away. Just not particularly satisfying. But I'm back, ready for the weekend. Storm coming, the edge of those Australian floods, NZ trapped between a Low and a High. Windy and stormy. And CCCCOld.
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