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Life goes on...

COnversation seems to have gone to the dogs on LJ. A comment here and there is about all we can offer one another. Seems hardly worth it, but I love my LJ all the same. One day I'll go back to my Takahe and settle there. It's still sitting out there, waiting.
Today was bad news day. Friends of ours lost a friend at our local Lyall Bay yesterday. He was surfing in the wild waves I talked about. I saw the ambulance go by as we were shopping and said to Christy, 'probably some surfer' and it was. He was young, with little children. He crashed with another surfer and it looks like he drowned right away.
Also on the bad news front, good friends of ours have just split up. Four children, same ages as mine, plus one more. Did they just get sick of one another? Too many pressures with work, family and mid-life crises? Their ways seem to have diverted.
More news, my cousin's sister (yeah, don't ask how that works) has a baby that doesn't seem too right. Worried about him, she put her two year old into a creche to focus on the baby and yesterday the two year old fell from a considerable height, clean fracture right through the top of his femur, full body cast for ten weeks. OMG what a nightmare. We're all looking for toys to interest a busy two year old for five minutes at a time, one that's immobile from armpits to ankle in plaster.
Today was a day indeed. Spent the day in intense pastoral interviews with girls and their parents. Twenty minutes a pop. All day with breaks for food and drink. No teaching but a lot of negotiating. It was exhausting. Then soccer. Then then then... now it's midnight and I'm only halfway through my work. Sad, huh! But I'm happy. I'll cope. And the French Open tennis is just starting on tv... *g*

I'd still really like to be in a quiet hut by a lake doing some writing, just for me...

*sigh* Back I go... see you later. Have a good day. Night. Thing.


Jun. 3rd, 2009 07:28 pm (UTC)
Well, I'm just relieved someone out there is putting the world right!! I'm on a day-to-day basis! Mussels in cream sauce - that sounds lovely - it's a dish Steve and I cook when the children are all having something else!

Teething is always a bit miserable, huh. Poor Jamie.

And thanks for the sympathy. I'm going to cope very gently today. I'm not taking my first lesson. Gave it away to someone else.



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