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Swine flu and other irritations

So. I joined Twitter. I am only 'following' one person so far ;-) Some people have started following me which is odd. They must be groupies who just follow people because they don't make their own comments but have several hundred Twitterers to follow. How on earth would one keep up? You'd have to sit at the computer all day reading random comments of 140 characters in length...

Today dawned grey but the sun just broke through this afternoon. I had a pretty busy week. Had to go to the Annual Mercy lecture one night. My Principal and I went out to a bar afterwards and drank red wine. Then Friday night was the drinks with the Archbishop. That event doesn't really make an impression on me, unfortunately. But I had to go. My Principal drove. Probably to make sure I got there.

Yesterday it rained. Soccer was cancelled. Did the laundry. Today I have to get it all dry! Biked to school late afternoon but twilight settled really quickly and I had to ride home on footpaths as I don't have any lights and I was wearing dark clothing! I guess I'll have to return to the classroom for a while today to get more stuff done. Or maybe I'll work on an essay I have due soon.

Swine Flu is proving to be very disappointing here, even though we've had hardly any cases so far. We had to cancel the Mercy Conference in Perth and we can't get our money back on the tickets. So the four of us from school will either go there anyway to just look around at schools and stuff, or try to defer the tickets for another trip of some sort over the next 12 months. What this does mean is I won't be able to get Nick's book as soon as it comes out. I'll have to ask Dymocks to get it in for me. I was kind of looking forward to being in Oz for the buzz. Sad, huh. I've never been to Perth. It's so far away from here. Or anywhere *g* What I'd really like to do is fly myself to Brisbane for a weekend. Wander round Southpark. See the river. Do some Aussie things. I dunno. Maybe Christy and I could have another weekend over there. That was such fun last time. Went to see Nick's play at the Round House. Finding the damn place in the dark was the oddest thing. The taxis wouldn't come because there was a game on at Suncorp Stadium so we had to catch a bus along the Gulag Drag which didn't match up with any of my road maps!! Still, we had a great time there. *sigh* guess I'd better stop dreaming and go do the next lot of laundry.


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Jun. 14th, 2009 10:13 am (UTC)
I think people who follow a large number of twitters do it for their jobs e.g. journalism or research or PR or something. Either that or they're really sad and unemployed and it makes them think they're in the real world. The ones following you probably saw things in common with you and look occasionally!
Jun. 14th, 2009 10:54 am (UTC)
-The ones following you probably saw things in common with you and look occasionally!
Nah, because the three that 'follow' me, couldn't, because I'd not even made a Twitter at that stage.

HOWEVER I did one today, to see how it felt. But it didn't do anything for me!
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