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No Nick but a real live baby...

It's been a few days, I think. So much has happened that I'm not sure what to write about and I'm freezing cold and going to bed in a minute! But hey, let's think! My LJ buddy Liz in Oz had her baby, isn't that wonderful? A little girl. It's so cool. My second LJ baby (after Fledge's Jamie *g*).
On a more depressing note, our conference in Perth next week was cancelled due to the flu epidemic (hopefully postponed until next year really) so I can't rush into a Perth bookstore and demand my Nick Earls latest novel :-((( That was going to be my best birthday present. I actually feel really sad about that, it was going to be a... a Moment. I thought, if I'm not writing, at least I can read his...

On other fronts, work is mad crazy busy but bearable. I did my last essay for my first paper in Theology. I passed the others but not like Blue Leaf does, I get marks in the 70s or so! I thought I'd have time to work really hard but no. Life was against me there.
My children are doing fine. They're really very, very good compared to so many others!
It's very cold here at night and in the mornings. We've had a couple of really good frosts so far. It doesn't snow here.

Oh and I got snail mail from KYLE!!! He's doing okay just now and it was so neat to get a letter xxxxxxxxx

Our kitten is brilliant and very nosey. He's into everything and climbs everywhere. We peel him off the heater guard where he's clinging like a commando, we unpick him from the curtains, the back of the couch and our own legs. We rescue him from balancing atop the television or inside Christy's Playmobil palace! We all sneak in and out of the doors because he's not allowed outside yet - another two weeks of this, OMG! Five people in and out of the house constantly makes for some mad dashes for freedom by little Hunter.

I drove past the southern sea today on my way home (I usually go past the inner harbour - because we live on a peninsula, there's sea pretty close on both sides). The sea today was stunning, it was a dark, dark deep steely blue, with huge, smooth swells heading north into the bay, but sharp white surf atop the swells was flying backwards in the face of a northerly - a beautiful contrast of blue and white against the cold sky.

I found this pic of our peninsula
if you look at the big green to the right of the runway, that's the golf course. The green to the right of that, a smaller rectangle, is Finn's school, and just across the road, 'above' the golf course, is a little semi circular park, and our street runs off that park. It's an old pic, our runway is getting longer *g*

Anyway, Nick's book, The True Story of Butterfish... it Will. Be. Mine. one day! sniff...

And on that note, I am going to bed. Good night, my friends.
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