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No fun here, huh.

Today we were going to fly to Perth. So I could have bought Nick's book. But we're not going for another ten weeks now. And it might have been warm in Perth; here ...it is not!

The sea was beautiful yesterday, a pale turquoise and flat as a pancake in the harbour.

A great man from our church died suddenly on Saturday so we had his rosary tonight. I had to play the piano, and I didn't know one of the songs. That was interesting *snort* And because the Codfish had had a 'busy day' he didn't even stay to listen to the informal eulogies. He's such a selfish pig.
Another old friend who had strong links to our church is dying in a hospital up in Auckland (she had to go there for a liver transplant). I suspect she will have her funeral down at our church by next week, which is really sad. She's one of the best Good Samaritans I ever met. She used to come into my children's school and take two seniors out each week to help her deliver Meals on Wheels; they never forgot that experience. I have chatted to her about once a month for the last couple of years and I'll miss seeing her around the place. Death is odd. And one of our girls at school leaves tomorrow for two years in Costa Rica. I hope she survives the experience, it's a rough place. My brother lived there for a while and it was... dangerous.

And in Ringbark's honour we had Hell's Pizza tonight.

Good bye. Have... great lives. Do good.


Jul. 3rd, 2009 02:30 am (UTC)
-We had a tremendous storm yesterday that blew down power lines and overturned cars. I missed it all as I work in a basement and never know what's happening in the outside world!
Funny how that can happen sometimes. We had a storm like that, with the most giant waves at the coast minutes from here, with people going there to take photos, and we just sat at home thinking what a wet day...

-Your codfish sounds like he doesn't have much empathy - which is a bit sad in a person in his profession!!
Yeah, he's either got aspects of Asperges or he's just a really nasty person!



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