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Preserving nature...

I love the tui. Their liquid call is amazing. I spoke about it recently on InsipirationalTV. Only by killing off many possums have we started to see the return of the tui in our neighbourhoods.

Kaitiakitanga ...To maintain their mana (power, status, balance of what is respected and healthy), people of the land have to do everything they can to preserve the mauri or spirit of their land, and they have to repair the land if it's used wrongly. The concept of kaitiakitanga was valid to Maori people long before any Europeans arrived and started interfering in their way of life. Phil Gulley writes about the environment, where someone heard him mention it and complained about this 'new emphasis' on the environment. Phil pointed out that it is mentioned in the first book of Genesis, the first book of the Bible so it's hardly new. And the Maori here practised it, environmental protection, 'guardianship', long before any colonisation by foreigners from Europe.

Don't drop your litter. Recycle. Protect bird life. Practise using wisdom when you choose products, look for those that avoid exploiting our fragile environment.

Have you heard of Kiribati or Tokelau? We have girls from both those places at school. They are tiny islands, atolls, in the Pacific. Their islands are slowly disappearing under encroaching sea levels that are rising - global warming or just a response to the Ice Age? I dunno. But I worry for those people. Where will the people go? Sea water is already getting into their fresh water lagoons. NZ takes 97 Kiribati a year, apparently. But that won't be enough. Will their tiny nations vanish under the power of the sea one day? Imagine coming from a nation that no longer exists. Like Yugoslavia. But at least it's still there, in one way... I guess not in many others.
And if you want to see me talking about the tui, in full colour and not at all prepared for each of my friend's video visits in the middle of exhausting school days, look at this
or click on the 'Easter' link to the right for another one of me LOL! Kim will just show up and say, 'talk for five minutes about... [insert topic]'!
OMG it's hard to face up to the real me but hey, I'm actually really a nice person - with many bad hair days. People who don't like me can... go jump in the lake.


Jul. 21st, 2009 04:10 pm (UTC)
I must go and look up the tui on that bird website you pointed me at.

My mother used to knit squares for blankets. When she died I found a whole bag of squares - once her sight and fingers failed she couldn't finish her last project. I gave it to a charity shop to see if someone could finish it for them. I don't knit - even my diamonds would curl up, I think...

I love the idea of your pigeon holes preening themselves in all their winter glory with fairy lights and weetas and roses!!

And I love the way you talk with your hands as well as your voice. Your gestures are very evocative and add a lot to your speech.

Jul. 24th, 2009 10:44 am (UTC)
Woot, Moth is back in town! *jumps for joy*

The pigeon hole glory lasted for a while. It was certainly a good bit of fun.

-And I love the way you talk with your hands as well as your voice. Your gestures are very evocative and add a lot to your speech.
OMG don't tell me you looked too *blush*. I am always teased for talking with my hands. Our friend has a habit of photographing us all when we're together and he always catches me with my hands in the air. But I can't imagine talking any other way! Apart from on the net...
Jul. 24th, 2009 05:58 pm (UTC)
Back in town temporarily but there really is hope for next time... See my post on LJ a couple of days ago.

I looked. I like looking at my friends. And I think the gestures are lovely.



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