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HAPPY DIWALI!!! and an Inkheart warning...

Today was a day of mixed emotions, the two-week break drawing to a close and horrific, cold, sleety weather this morning, rain coming in sideways and a cruel southerly. But it got better as the day wore on. Still cold though. SOme interesting things seen today...
*the waves crashing over the breakwater at Lyall Bay like mighty mushroom clouds thirty feet high before thundering and rolling into the curve of the bay.
*a fire engine following me tonight as I went to pick Christy up - I pulled over to let it pass - in the dark it was mightily impressive and I followed it through the Mt Vic tunnel watching its lights swing around on the bricks.
*driving Finn and friends home from a party this evening - Finn observed the many religions in the car - a Jew, a Hindu, a Catholic and... his mother, an RE teacher! (RE = Religious Education). We dropped the Hindu off at the Temple for Diwali celebrations.
*a good jolt of an earthquake this afternoon. Christy and I just paused, felt the roll, then got on with what we were doing.
*watching the kitten and the rabbit playing tag in the rain this morning was just priceless
*two mighty rainbows this evening arcing across the harbour caught in the crossfire between waning rain and the setting sun
I guess all things are blessings if we can see them with a positive attitude, huh!

The earthquake was 4.8 but very close, only 20 km NW away. I guess that's Porirua...

And btw if you were a fan of the Inkheart series, Christy's most beloved books, do NOT, say again, do NOT see the movie. It is the crappiest crap crappest piece of crap, not only for the horrifically WRONG choice of Brendon My Name is Ugly Fraser for Mo, or the baddest bad acting in the world from the daughter, the mother, the aunt, and many other cast members... the impossibly far-from-the-plot-of-the-book plot... it is absolutely Awful. What was Cornelia thinking when she wanted Fraser to act in the movie of her book? He's so not Mo. I loved the book's Mo - he should be a gentle, nerdy, slightly confused, fragile, hurt kind of character, lost without his wife and afraid of his reading power, and Fraser is not right at all! The daughter should be bright, strong, resourceful and capable. This one was just plain blonde... "Dad, you can tell me now, I'm old enough. Where is my mother?"
And every EVERY book character had diagonal typing emblazoned across their faces to show they had come out of books. One or two might have been clever but all of them? Are we meant to be that thick that we need that information? It was so lame.
OMG! Christy groaned, swore, snorted and protested through the whole movie then we took it back to the video store.


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Oct. 13th, 2009 11:27 pm (UTC)
I've always held the opinion that Frasier refuses to turn down any role offered to him, no matter how ridiculous or unsuited to him. But then he probably has more money and lives better than I do, so who am I to judge.

New Zeland sounds so lovely. I wish I could see it with my own eyes.
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