natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

mundane and a little bit sad

I cleaned the fridge today. I also cleaned the door, where all the magnets are. And I pulled the fridge out of its tight little alcove and dusted behind it. *shudder* I'm trying to find time to paint the kitchen so I need to keep cleaning corners.
Yesterday our guinea pig passed away. I wept. The vet had tissues. I miss him so much already. I was getting a carrot out of the fridge when I remembered he isn't there - the rabbit doesn't like carrots much. sad sad sad. Poor wee Caramello. I hope he finds his old buddy Cocoa!

And it's been a very stressful couple of weeks. I am SO freaking stressed. People nag me for stuff left, right and centre. Even after mass today there was a freaking queue of people asking me for decisions, comments and stuff. But on we go. Can't stop now although I'm desperate for a day off during the week, just so I could get a chance to be ALONE for a short period of time. I need a brief virus. I can hardly wait for when the seniors leave. OMG. Two weeks down, three to go. Then they are GONE. I will lose over one hundred students! Then I might get mysteriously ill. I need a day before the end of term as then my own children are home as well. I just want to be ALONE! ...says she, sitting with kitten on lap.

At school we've been raising money for Samoa, praying the rosary (not a prayer I particularly like but I'm just leading it for October)... it's busy at school just now. I have a lot of stressed out seniors trying to pass their various levels before the final cut off date shortly.

So. Better things to come. In just three weeks.
oh and I have three teenagers in the house now. Thanks, Moth, for Finn's gorgeous ecard! xxxx
He loved it.
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