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My world and welcome to it...

It's been frantic but it's nearly over now. Last week we had the final week of senior students and while some colleges seemed to get rid of theirs from Monday to Wednesday, we stuck it through to the bitter end with the Year 11s and 12s leaving on Friday. So I had to organise the leavers' liturgies for each year level (although I got to delegate a couple as I was on a course). I also had to organise the school Thanksgiving Mass on Wednesday, held in our gym so tricky to create atmosphere. We solved it by curving the chairs instead of straight rows. Turned out to be a lovely Mass although the priest didn't arrive until 9.59am (Mass was due to start at ten) and he took well over an hour to say the Mass - funnily though, the girls were good and we had a good time. Big relief to me.

We also had junior exams last week and had to have them all marked, first in class organised and junior reports written, all before the end of tomorrow. I had to coordinate the junior exams as I am head of the department. My other teachers in my department all shy away from computers. Odd, huh.

I'm trying to get there. I was going to do all my reports today but at morning tea time I took my Sister-of-Mercy-in-training out for coffee. I felt a bit odd just as I went to sip my coffee, like my jaw had gotten stuck under my ear. Well, by the time we left the coffee shop, I had a huge golfball like swelling in front of my ear and it felt like a rock! Somewhat perturbed, we drove back to school and I phoned my GP's nurse. I felt like I was turning into the Incredible Hulk. In the end I went to the After Hours, who said it was glands and I was about to be very sick with some throat infection... (not happened yet but maybe in the morning? he couldn't treat me since I wasn't actually sick yet...) and after school I went to my own GP who said it could be that or a partially blocked something or other, oh hang on, I think Parotid gland, a salivary thing. I raised the concern of Bell's Palsy returning (had that in Feb 04) so just to be safe he has given me five days of steroids to take with breakfast. I shall be high as a kite tomorrow at work... you know, when I got that virus last time, it was the first time I talked to Elaine on the phone. She phoned all the way from Scotland to see how I was. That was one of the happiest days ever. We had such fantastic conversations over the following year or so. I have to admit I still miss her so much. She was my best friend then.

So, I'm going to bed with a still-swollen side of my jaw. I hope it all just goes away before the morning. I don't want any infections or paralysis or anything else! My ears are itching...

On other fronts, the Codfish collapsed at Mass on Sunday. He has occasional faints from blood pressure being too high but this time he just couldn't seem to get back on his feet. We had two doctors in the 'audience' who came up to help him and I had to reassure everyone that it wasn't so unusual for him to collapse. We had to call an ambulance in the end as he just seemed off still and our elderly retired priest came and said Mass for us. By then everyone was crowded like sardines in the meeting room and they had a hilarious fast consecration in there rather than go back into the church!

Still mourning the passing of Caramello, our sweet little guinea pig, but having a lot of fun with the kitten and the rabbit being good friends. I said to Steve yesterday, what kind of life is this where I am talking to a rabbit in the living room while a kitten stands on my shoulders...

Still haven't read the Nick Earls book. It's definitely not here and no one I asked to get it in Brisbane has. SO I'll order it for myself for Christmas. I decided to read The Thompson Gunner again to make up for it as I don't own that one either. I suspect Nick isn't so popular here because of occasional way he knocks Kiwis in his books... we're not that bad, actually. I guess it helps if it gets a laugh out of the Aussies but it kind of hurts when I so badly like being a fan.

Finn is away this week on a school camping/tramping/boat trip in the Abel Tasman National Park down south. I took him (very nervous he was too) to the ferry yesterday morning at dawn. He was telling me his cousin Max was doing the cooking for his little group. What do you do, I asked. Well, Mr Finnimore told us if we're not cooking then we're to stay the hell out of the way! I suggested Finn could lead grace with his friends. He mulled over that, suggesting he could pray for his dead grandfather, his dead cat and his two dead guinea pigs. He immediately shed a few tears and said, "crap!" What's wrong, I asked. Crap, he said again, the boys at the ferry will think I'm crying because I am going to miss you!

Asher is finally excelling at school in his own class and is very proud of himself. It took him over a year at college to work out how to really work as your teachers want you to (helped along with a little financial bribery on my part to get him off to a good start!)! Having finished Wellington Rep soccer he's now selected for his school athletic juniors team. He's very happy. He got two awards at the College Sports Dinner, too.

Christy has finished three art portfolios and has two Level 3 externals to sit, one tomorrow, one next week. She's doing fine and just got accepted to Massey University Bachelor of (Fashion) Design with Honours, four more years' work. She is very lucky. She had a lovely prizegiving at her high school, a nice mixture of formal and informal, with a phenomenal Kapa Haka group chanting from the back. It was very moving. Christy won three awards! One $50 cash for Excellent Attendance, and two Contribution to Class (the person who made the best contribution in Year 13 subject classes), one for Design and one for Fabrics. She was so happy! What a great time she's had at Wellington High. I'm so glad she went there for that final year of school.

Well, that was all pretty insular. So I'll take myself and my itching ears off to bed now. I have missed you all but honestly, it's been so incredibly busy and the children have sucked up all my time at home. I can't wait for the holidays and some writing time. I just want to sit, play the guitar, do some little bits of writing... in fact, just to sit... *g*
Oh and the other night my friend turned up and said, let me film you talking about exam stress in families (he was having some himself with his children, I think!!) So if you want to hear me rabbiting on, go here *snort* don't comment on the hair, thanks very much, it'd been a long day and it was half past seven in the evening!)


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Nov. 17th, 2009 06:36 pm (UTC)
I enjoyed your very sensible approach to exam stress on film and have favourited it on YouTube to let me see and hear you when I want to! I hope you managed to take your own advice, including the stiff drink at the end of everything!!

By now I assume you have either a raging throat infection or something else and I am only able to send sympathy!! Lots!!!

Keep talking to the rabbit and the kitten - animals are great at helping reduce stress.

It must be nearly end of term. Hang in there and look forward to the holidays! Make sure you do some 'just sitting' and remeber the poem about 'What is this life if full of care...'

If I don't comment to any posts after Friday it will be because I'm away/offline, not because I don't care!

I have just realised I haven't put together my Spanish church photos yet. Soon, I promise.
Nov. 18th, 2009 06:33 pm (UTC)
Hey hey! Portugal here you come! I hope it's fabulous.
And the Spanish photos can wait until at least the end of January! But I'll love them if they come. I still use lots of Viv's pics and some of yours in my PowerPoints.

I don't seem to have any kind of throat infection and apart from feeling like I have the flu, which could be an effect of the steroids, I think I'm okay! So roll on Thursday, I have to lead a departmental day, which should be pretty good fun. I have a good team. (heh, made a typo then, it said a 'god' team LOL!)

Is it weird hearing me speak? It was all very, hi Jenny, here's the camera, talk now. I have no idea how much I've said until I assume I've done the five minutes he wants then I stop! I think that one was six!
Nov. 18th, 2009 06:41 pm (UTC)
Glad you're OK so far!

It isn't weird hearing you (though it reminds me that you're a Kiwi and not a next-door-nieghbour). It makes me feel closer to you somehow.

Portugal should be warm days (coffee and lunch outside) and clear cold nights - lots of stars and very little light pollution. Next year I hope to spend Christmas there!
Nov. 19th, 2009 09:05 am (UTC)
Glad you're OK so far!
Yes, thank you, I seem to have beaten the bug, whatever it was. I am very tough...

I do feel like you are a neighbour sometimes too. I'm wondering what you sound like now LOL!
Like we could pop in for a cup of coffee! And Portugal sounds just wonderful, exciting and challenging but also becoming familiar and welcoming. So cool.
Nov. 19th, 2009 11:42 am (UTC)
That is exactly what Portugal is like! See? You must be a virtual neighbour to have grasped the essentials so well!
Nov. 18th, 2009 01:23 am (UTC)
Good to hear from you. Whilst, as always, you are incredibly busy, you don't sound as stressed as you have at some points this year, so I hope this means you aren't too overworked and are finding the odd snippet of time to have a cup of tea by yourself!!

And well done to Christy - what an amazing achievement.

I hope your ear/jaw/mystery ailment clears up.
Nov. 18th, 2009 06:35 pm (UTC)
Hi HI! Yeah, the mystery ailment seems to be on the wane without any dire blowouts! Odd. It's been great seeing your posts about A and everything, I will catch up eventually. And yeah, I'm terribly busy but terribly unstressed, you're right. I'm actually enjoying myself. I had so many senior classes, and they've gone, I am just getting jobs done!! I like it.

Thanks on Christy's behalf *g*

And I really only have a few weeks to go. Hooray for summer holidays. On my LJ, there're only a few of us heading into summer!
Nov. 18th, 2009 06:18 pm (UTC)
I wished you had raised me, rather then the way things worked out and I basically ended up raising myself...
Nov. 18th, 2009 06:37 pm (UTC)
Aw, I wish I had raised you, too. You would have been so loved and so comfortable here! And you could have helped me with my stories *g*

You have actually done a good job on you though, don't ever forget that. I know these things xoxoxo
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