natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

Advent - getting ready for Christmas... I should write in purple...

And another night falls. I am wondering how long life lasts and how many amazing experiences we can have. This morning I was walking across a huge park to get to the garage to collect my car (as usual the WoF ended up costing about $500 - damn French car!) and it was a brilliant, sunny morning, and I swished my feet through the long clover and thought how lucky I am.
Then I worked alone in my classroom for about four hours today which was pretty rewarding. Later this afternoon found me in the vets with our rabbit - Christy thought he had a tumour like the guinea pig but it turns out he has... matured... down there *g* He's a pretty tough little tiny rabbit, and he chases the cat any chance he gets. A ball of black fluff with lop ears and big gray feet.

Tonight the temperature on my car thermometer was 28 deg Cel. That's pretty warm for Wellington pre-Christmas. It was a delightful evening. I hope it continues tomorrow. I'm going to get Christmas sorted tomorrow. I'm way too late for the mail but I can do some electronic good wishes, huh! I just can't function at the end of the school year. It takes me about a week or two to get my thoughts together and get over the mad, mad, mad rush of the year.

And so this day has ended. I wish you all a good day out there. Be nice to someone today. I think Christmas for me is less and less about gifts and more and more about love. And that may sound soppy but I'm way over the whole getting stuff thing. Maybe I never really liked it. I think if we can love someone and show that we love them, that's gotta be a good thing. Build. Care. Smile.

And love. Even amidst the tension and irritation. Heavens, I walked out of music practice last night, so it's not like I'm above being irritated! But I can still find some love. Have to. Otherwise, what was the miracle of Christmas all about... the signs were all there. And frankly, it's no different today. The magic is in the striving to find good and welcoming it. We don't have to be shepherds or kings. But we do have to be open to the possibilities. Huh.
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