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Catching up...

So what happened to LJ notifications? I had Christmas comments I was not even aware of! Sorry, guys. I haven't gotten past checking emails for Mass stuff the last few days.

Let me tell you about Christmas. As usual, we had Midnight Mass, where I had to play the keyboard. Then the morning Children's mass, where I got to play the guitar for the nativity play and run the powerpoint. Much more relaxing. The Codfish even did a halfway reasonable sermon. About the layers of Christmas (something he got from the British Tablet). Then our friends came to lunch. Still the day was okay. Then we had to go there for dinner. And at that point the day turns to custard and the tension rises. And we tried to stay calm but Finn enraged our friend's daughter with his dislike of regular cutlery habits and it all got pretty tense and Christy finally took Finn out for 'a little walk and talk' and after a bit we just pretty much gave up and went home, determined to have Christmas dinner at home in future. And I KNOW I said that last year but our friends are so insistent that they have our company. But then they try too hard every year to get it all just right and it's just... not.

And although I sent a heap of gifts up to my brother and his family, they didn't send even as much as a Christmas card to us. He gave me a sheepish phonecall on Christmas afternoon. My other brother hasn't even made contact. Nothing from my mother. And frankly, I'm pretty much over even trying to have Christmas spirit. It's just a waste of energy and time and effort when I could be doing heaps of other things. It'd be different if people cared about us as much as we tried to care about them, especially family... not even a card from my aunt. *sigh* I'm just not impressed. Recession aside, surely people still would like to show they care about me? Maybe not. Maybe I'm just not worth the effort either, in their eyes. *shrug* I'm not really too worried. I move ahead faster these days.

Oh well. We avoided the usual obligatory Boxing Day barbecue and went for a long walk on the beach instead. In fact, we've been for a beach walk almost every day. Except today, which was rainy so I went with the boys to Sherlock Holmes. *sigh* Robert Downey Jnr was, IMHO, brilliant. I loved it. Watson wasn't as loveable as I found him reading the books as a child, but Jude Law was a remarkably astute casting. I liked the movie. Tomorrow we go to Avatar in 3D. Our Italian musicians at church worked on the movie at Weta studios (just down the road from here) so that makes it more special.

I am enjoying clearing clutter out of the house before the New Year. And cooking. It was my friend's birthday yesterday so I baked him a carrot cake. His wife was delighted as she hadn't baked him anything! And tonight we had honey sesame prawns and pineapple rice served right in the pineapple shell! I feel quite culinary.

After New Year I am driving the children north to the Coromandel Peninsula for a change. We'll go via my mother's place, as that's only a couple of hours from there, and we have two sets of friends camping up there so we'll take tents and sleeping bags, I think. Might be a good adventure.
I'm looking forward to some real writing time. I've been too tired to do that yet, much to my disappointment. But I need a clear head, a tidy-ish house and some peace and quiet to write. It'll come. This evening I can feel an opening sentence rising up out of the dark, deep recesses of my troubled mind *g* If only I were as clever as Holmes...

And so to bed. I see midnight has come and gone as I sit here mulling over so many things. See you tomorrow. </i>


Dec. 30th, 2009 12:12 am (UTC)
Hope the trip and the writing plan go well!

We haven't had cards from quite a lot of 'regulars' this year - not sure if it's the recession or the post or just general boredom with over-commercialised occasions. I doubt if it's us specifically. Last year I got a letter from a friend who thought I'd struck her off my 'list' but in fact, I'd sent all the overseas cards, then all the long distance ones and then got struck down with flu and C refused to make time to post or deliver the local ones. But that sort of explanation is unlikely to cover everyone!

Enjoy your summer! It's freezing here!!!
Dec. 30th, 2009 12:34 am (UTC)
I just can't imagine being cold at Christmas!!

Maybe the whole card thing is in a slump. But we can work to resurrect it. If I just could get going earlier. Trouble is, the final term at school just about kills me!

Oh yeah, I remember that flu, you were out for the count, huh. Awful stuff.



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