natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

It's 2010 here!!!! A new decade...

We saw Avatar in 3D and it was really amazing.  The boys were entranced and dived and leapt all the way back to the car. It was midnight when we got home. I dropped them off before our street and they sprinted along in the dark, Asher leaping on top of the gate with a roar just like the real avatars! The movie was a really good effort to capture a new and exciting world. Definitely same plot as that fairy story Christy used to watch when she was little though! 

And it is now 2010 HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

My best wishes for all my friends here for a peaceful and positive year. Resolutions? 

First, fight the paper war. I'm drowning in paper I think I need! 
Second, write because it makes me happy and forces me to sit still.
Third, be nice.
Fourth, ...not sure. I'll get back to you. Maybe stop putting things off just because I can. Because eventually that catches up with me.
Fifth, I might try really hard to put things of the past behind me. I tend to go over things... over and over! It's really very irritating! Time to STOP and say goodbye past hello world I'm here and ready for a great time ahead.

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