natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

up north

So we have made the first leg of the journey. I'll have to steal some of Christy's pics tomorrow to show you the amazing cloud we saw on the way up. It was shaped like the USS Enterprise. I was surprised we weren't beamed up on the Desert Road.  We drove from Wellington to Taupo (which took about five and a half hours) where we met up with my brother and his family who were travelling down the island on the same day, to Taupo before veering east to Napier.  We had a nice (late) lunch together and a good catch-up.  Then we zoomed on north to Tauranga and my mother's house (another couple of hours since there were some lunatic drivers on the road getting in my way).  It's very warm up here.  Hot, sticky kind of warm.  And it's midnight and still hot indoors. 

In a couple of days we shall go meet our friends who are camping. We'll see how that goes LOL! If it's good we'll stay a couple of nights then move on up the Coromandel
We will do a circuit of the whole peninsula since I've never actually done that before.   It's nice to be away but I left the story I was writing under my pillow at home! OMG! I'll have to go buy an exercise book tomorrow and start again. And I thought I'd do some ...sketching! So I'll go buy some nice paper and a black pen too. Not that I'm necessarily good at that *snort*   

Hmmm, I think I like being away.

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