natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

Cleaning out...

Today I spent a lot of time cleaning out our hall settle, the hall cupboard, the floor of my bedroom (where all the clean washing had landed yesterday) and the camphor chest. It took ages but filled five bags for the charity bin, four for the rubbish, one for recycling, one for the Bazaar in a year's time and it feels great. I have the linen cupboard to go, then the laundry shelves and perhaps the medicine cabinet. I have also made a new emergency bag to grab in the event of something cataclysmal - we are in earthquake land here.

I've been cooking great meals in slow cookers. My mother gave me a huge oven tagine for Christmas and I slow cooked a whole enormous chicken with onions, mango and eggplant, Moroccan style, and it was great. Today I used the electric slow cooker and did a Malaysian curry using a whole beef roast that had been sitting in the freezer for ages. It's so cool to be home all day to plan things like this and with practice I might be able to set things cooking before I go to school so dinner will be ready when I get home!

I'll post some more pics tomorrow of our trip if I get time. I might paint the living room... it's late right now and I want to get some writing done. It's already after midnight but with the children around, I don't get much peace and quiet even though they do their own thing. It's still food (but at least they mostly get their own now) or dishes (it's ordering people to come and do them - we have devised a list of words that cannot be spoken, and if someone uses a word off the list, they have to do the dishes that night. It's really cleaned up their expletives LOL!) or driving or just co-ordinating... still, I love the holidays. LOVE the holidays.

Do you ever do anything impulsive that you regret straight after? I do! It's so annoying. I'd sometimes like to be one of those unspontaneous, planned and organised people who don't do anything they wish they hadn't. Is that possible? ...Gosh, that felt like a little earthquake right then! oops, I digress. Imagine being calm and cool and being able to resist the temptation to jump right into a conversation and then you wouldn't have to wish you hadn't... *snort*
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