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Holiday pics round two!

More holiday pics

Finn made me get him up early one morning so I could walk him down the bush track to the skateboard park
There was a full moon that night
Finn and Asher checked out the boat, Finn did the Titanic
We went to a butterfly house, Moth!
Christy showed her usual affinity with butterflies
Photobucket Photobucket
The butterfly eventually settled on Christy's nose then another on her hair
Photobucket Photobucket
The butterflies were so amazing. We were the only ones in there, it was really hot and humid and somehow so magical
From there we drove north... more pics to come!


Jan. 15th, 2010 12:53 pm (UTC)
I was having terrible abdominal pains. My Dr said he is 95% sure my gallbladder is acting up due to stones and will have to be removed. He said to eat low fat, get an ultra sound, and contact a surgeon. I went on the diet immediately to try to relieve the pains. It took 4 days and now the pain comes less frequently and only half as bad. The diet is really not that bad, lots of fruit, veggies and limited red meat, and low fat. I am eating chicken breast and fish. I am compensating for the tasty fat with spices that are good for my condition, like garlic, ginger and etc. I had the ultrasound and got the results. The images are poor and the Surgeon has ordered that I get a cat scan with barium cocktail and dye because he wants a more detailed view, that will be Tuesday. I did withdraw from all classes this semester because of time missed and to concentrate on my health. I am going through anger, frustration, and some sadness at the loss of the school time, but I see the wisdom of getting my health strait as a priority. I have also cut out aspartame and artificial sweeteners. I am using sugar in the raw and it blew me away the first time I took my blood glucose after making the switch from sweet-n-low to raw sugar. It went down 80 points!!! My blood sugar is much better when I use raw sugar. Can you believe that? Aspartame is from the devil. I also have less chronic pain after a week and a half of no aspartame. I drink no soda, but mix fruit juice 25% with water 75%. I have been limiting my beloved coffee, green tea is the substitute and I have been using mint in that as well. One week and a half on the diet and no artificial sweetener and I have yet to have to take an antacid too. I used to have to take antacids everyday. I am having trouble being patient with all this testing and hope to have a clear answer soon. Thanks for the prayers friend Jenn :0)
Jan. 16th, 2010 11:30 am (UTC)
Oh John *hugs* what a thing to go through. Gallbladders are a pain, for sure. My mother and my neighbour both had theirs out and they're doing fine ten years on. I'm really glad you're taking the doctor's orders seriously, but I can see how terribly disappointing it must be to put your studies aside. You, you model student!
It's interesting what you say about the artificial sweeteners. A lot of people are very suspicious of those. I think raw sugar is great. We always have that on hand in the sugar bowl for people who want sugar.
Cinnamon is good too. And rhubarb. And blueberries. And turmeric.

I'm glad the pain has reduced some. Maybe this will be good overall somehow. I'm definitely keeping you on the prayer list and I hope things continue to improve. Pain is really scary. Much love xoxoxo
Jan. 16th, 2010 05:07 pm (UTC)
Thanks dear friend,
You are very sweet!



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