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Today it was very wet and windy. I didn't mind but a lot of people are getting frustrated about the weather as it's not very good in Wellington at all. *shrug* it's weather, what can you do? So today Asher and I made chocolate bread rolls and then... drum roll please... plum sauce. It's not a sweet sauce, it's savoury. Tangy. I emailed my aunt and asked her for the recipe, and today she sent it so it was our first attempt to make a sauce. Asher's latest craze is plum sauce (he's gone from tomato sauce to sweet chili to plum) and he loved my father's plum sauce but his supply has now run out and there won't be any sauce coming from the grave so I asked my father's sister for her recipe. Here is our effort

I've been painting our living room and am nearly finished. I've been working. I've been tidying and tidying and throwing out stuff left, right and centre. I have organised cupboards, drawers and shelves. I have ordered school uniform bits, taken blazers to the dry cleaners, made deans' appointments, taken children to the dentist, paid bills, medicated the cat against fleas, brushed the rabbit, cleaned the car, all those things I put off during the term - the list goes on. I am a domestic goddess. But that all ends next week with school reawakening. I shall go back to being a working mother. Kind of sad, huh.

And life is to be treasured. A former colleague of mine, whose brother was a very good friend of ours a few schools ago, died on Thursday from a brain tumour. Jim was a very kind, very nice guy and I taught both his daughters recently. It is such a shame that his life had to end so early (he's in his very early 50s) and that they could do nothing about the tumour (and Finn's godfather was the oncologist so I know it had to be impossible to fix). The funeral will be on Wednesday. And because of Jim's death I shall be reminded more keenly to treasure this amazing life I have.

I read Prey the last couple of days by Michael Crichton. It was one of those stories that just zooms along. It helped me sleep. I never sleep well before the return to school so I've also had a lot of fun staying up to watch the Aussie Open each night. It finishes here about 1 a.m.

And I really must do some dreaded school work. Here goes... maybe... *pout* don't wanna...


Jan. 23rd, 2010 10:12 am (UTC)
Hyperactivity and thrillers. No wonder you don't sleep *g*

Plum sauce sounds good - would it work with yellow plums, do you think? In which case please could I have the recipe becuae I have no idea what to do with the quantity of plums our plum tree (the one in the icon) produces.

We've had a few friends die comparatively young, one from an inoperable brain tumour and one from a heart problem that didn't make itself known in any way until too late, one from cancer that could have been treated if she'd lived somewhere else (how do you blame a whole country - Barbados - for a death?) and another from very aggressive cancer - I always find funerals for people dying well before 'normal' much sadder than those for others, even close loved ones, who have lived a long life. It seems so unfair, somehow. You will be so sad for your friend and for his family.
Jan. 28th, 2010 09:47 am (UTC)
We used yellow fleshed plums (with red skins)! I did think they were a bit sour though so we added extra sugar and a drained tin of Black Doris plums towards the end!! A friend makes it just with tinned plums. I'll post the recipe asap...

Thanks for your kind words. The family didn't want a funeral as much as a celebration of Jim's life and so they did just that. No mention of God LOL but some lovely eulogies and sharing of his skills and joys. One really important thing which he wrote about a lot (he wrote maths text books) was the importance of being inspiring as a teacher so that students love to learn!
Jan. 28th, 2010 11:21 am (UTC)
The plums are ripe round about late May. They are quite sweet.



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