natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

On ME and teaching and school life...

A woman in the UK has assisted her ME daughter to die. It's a very, very moving situation and I don't think it should be murder even though I don't accept euthanasia as ethical. ME is one of the most confusing, debilitating and frustrating illnesses around. It's still not certain how it begins, viral, trauma, physical or psychological, or how it develops and worsens, but the point is, it's there. I've always been really interested in it since a friend of mine developed it after a bout of pneumonia. Here it was called Tapanui Flu in the early '80s, it must have been 1983 or 1984. He fought it and got over it. Then years later, while I was still reading up on it, my mother was diagnosed with it for ages. But she didn't have it. It was something else.
Thing is though, ME is a very hard thing to live with not only because of what it does but because there isn't a cure and it's hard to treat something when you don't know why someone has it. And for a young person, it is the end sometimes of life as they had hoped to have it. And on top of all that, the frustration of not knowing what treatment to try or what is going to go wrong next, it's so very awfully hard. I'd love to be able to study it but of course, it's not my area.

And my area is getting going again. The students have been coming in to finalise courses so Heads of Dept like me have to be on deck to wrangle them into suitable option lines! And get some preparatory work done. I have a department meeting tomorrow afternoon so I'm going to have to work hard in the morning. The funeral we went to offered a lot of inspiration about teaching and how important it is to engender enthusiasm for learning. I have to do more of that. It's so important. Some of my students are so lacking in drive. It's partly their circumstances. If you saw their homes, for some of them, you would wonder how they even get dressed and get to school. But they do and we must help them. Our motto this year is 'how will you live your life?' I rather like it. I hope it challenges the girls. Our Principal puts a lot of thought into her motto each year! Last year was Be the Light. Before that, Raising the Bar (a lot of girls didn't get that one LOL).

It's so hot here, we just went for a walk around the block, just in t-shirts and shorts. It's just midnight and there must be a fog in Cook Strait - the very infrequent foghorns are hooting for the second evening this week.

Better go to bed, have to be up to get Christy to the bus for Parachute (Christian music festival up north) at the crack of dawn... have a good one, my friends.
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