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Today we shopped. You get different stuff up here than you do at home. I bought some expensive Mexican ankle boots. They are tooled and tough looking and made of leather and more leather, and smell magnificent. I am very fortunate.

Tonight we hired Julie and Julia. It was great. My mother and I used to watch Julia Child's cooking programme on tv when I was young; we found her very entertaining, and often, we thought, a little tipsy. She reminded me of our neighbour, Val, tall, kind of rangy and raw-boned, and always finding a way to patch things up without the menfolk knowing what had gone down! I think Meryl Streep was fantastic - she really was in character. However, the thought of cooking Julia's recipes fills me with horror. Chicken livers in aspic, boeuf things, terrines, tomato salads, it's not appealing to me. I really am not a big fan of French cooking. I much prefer Chinese, Indian, Moroccan, Malaysian...

I liked the idea of Julie's blog though, tracking through the recipes for one year. That would be interesting reading, something easy to get caught up in! My blog? Well, I'm going to bed now to do some writing. How interesting is that, team? I have decided to change a lot of Breathing Space - I've changed since I started writing that. I seem to have different needs than before, and my writing is all about what I need *g*. I've done my final final final revamp of Safe and I have sworn to never touch it again. I have deleted probably about 20,000 words of crappy stuff and I'm happy with it now, even though I know it's not what you'd want to publish in a book or anything. I have friends who want to read it now, but I'm scared they'll be disappointed. It's not the ...great NZ novel I think they think I would write. It's just a long story with a reasonable plot, characters I love, a predominantly Kiwi setting and what I think is a happy ending. Done and dusted. Now I am working on Breathing Space from a whole new angle and this might be something that isn't done in a year, for sure. But like people doing cross-stitch or basket weaving, it's just something I like to do. So I'll do it.

And that's it from me. Apart from the boots, I did experience today the sheer joy of cracking into my mother's wireless at last. She didn't really understand that she had it but as soon as I saw a wireless network named Chopin I knew it had to belong to this house!

So I'll be back tomorrow. Have a good... day, night, evening... time.
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