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A Nick book on the way to me!

OMG OMG in order to boost myself up before the return to school for the second term tomorrow, I went online just now and ordered... The True Story of Butterfish, Nick's latest book for adults (he hadn't written an adult book in a while and I wasn't too fussed about a couple of his teenage ones although I loved the one he co-wrote with that Rebecca person). This one had better be good. I've waited for ages to read it, I've asked endless people to get me one in Aussie, even my own brother, but no, and so I have given up and ordered one online! I used to email Nick occasionally - he's so very nice. But you get to a point where someone is getting pretty famous in their own town and you remember you're a very little person! So I don't email him any more. And I haven't READ THE BOOK. So. I hope good things are ahead! Watch this space...

Tomorrow, school. Back to the madness, the rush and bustle, the endless meetings, the 'being nice to everyone' (because I'm DRS, it's a given that I am apparently a nice person!), the notices, the paperwork, the marking, the assessments, the uniform checks, the lunch mess, the bells, the intercom, the having to drink your coffee between bells, and the crap coffee at that, the girls and their problems, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh, it's all about to start.

And my darling son is devastated tonight, not getting in to the soccer team he has worked for since January (and so very much deserved). He was the last one to be dropped off the squad and he's really, really sad. I know he won't want to go to school in the morning. While Asher was mourning in misery in the dark out in the spa pool, I phoned the very young asshole coach and as nicely as possible told him one or two things... hopefully he'll learn from his glaring incompetencies and become a better person than the up-himself wanker he is now... see, I'm not nice at all *g*


Apr. 18th, 2010 12:09 pm (UTC)
An author on my f'list linked to a letter he had written the other day:
and I thought you'd find it an interesting read. I adore his books so I told him so straight away, of course! You might email Nick when you've read it!!

Poor Asher! I suppose there will always be someone disappointed but it depends so much on how it's done and how far expectations had got.

Oh, and I forgot to say how glad I am to hear Viv and family are back safely - she hasn't posted yet so I didn't know.
Apr. 20th, 2010 11:12 am (UTC)
Oh Mothy, that was a brilliant thing to share. I really enjoyed reading it. When I first wrote to Nick to say I found his book while searching for a Braille machine up in the roof cavity, he said I was the first reader he had heard of who had come across one of his books in this fashion... I really like his humour. SO yeah, if I like this new book, I WILL write!
You know, I think that what was so great about reading and writing for the Sam Seaborn fanfic site in its day, there was heaps of wonderful feedback.




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