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Lost and found...

I'm not sure if I told you but ages ago a friend's husband-to-be snuck out and bought their wedding rings as a surprise. He wanted to hide them, so tucked them into a little hole in their ancient couch. Not long afterwards, he came home one Sunday to find the couch gone! OMG! Where is it? he cried.
My friend said she'd gotten the Salvation Army to take it away. It was time for it to go!
He explained about the rings and they rushed to the store. The couch had been sold with no sales record.
Disappointed, they had to buy new rings. They have been married now for just over a year. Today, my friend was passing the Sally Army store and lo and behold, there was her couch back in the shop window! She rushed in and put her hand in the hole in the couch and FOUND THEIR RINGS!!!

Isn't that a story to warm your heart!

I have school parent-student interviews all day tomorrow, from 8.30 am until 4pm. I do get to dash down to Asher's school (our brother school) down the road at 2pm so I can be a parent at his school for an interview about him. Then I go back to my school and carry on as a teacher again! Each family gets 20mins or so to spend with one caring teacher who has access to all the files and grades etc. It can get very intense! I shall return tomorrow night... hopefully intact.


Apr. 20th, 2010 03:39 pm (UTC)
Is this where you get to talk about the coach and the team and so on or is that not a school team? Good luck anyway, but it will all be over by the time you read this.

I wish somebody would take my old couch away. I wish, I wish, I wish... But even the Salvation Army wouldn't want it!



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