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Apr. 27th, 2010

Hi hi I'm behind again and it's only week 2 term 2. I seem to rush from one thing to another then stagger home, try to cook, get everyone to behave, cooperate, do their homework, get the chores done, see some tv and go to bed so I can read. I am currently reading:
The Girl Who Played with Fire (and I am still in love with Mikael Blomkvist... ca va, Geraldine)
The True Story of Butterfish (I'm reading slowly so it lasts since Nick only writes an adult book every few years - I'm more than halfway through though *sniff*)
The Cay (boring junior student novel I need to read before next week, a classic, apparently but I'm bored bored bored)

I am also sneakily writing a third story to go with the first two 'Keddy and David' stories, Identity Crisis and Angles and Curves. I don't know why I'm doing that this week but *shrug* it makes me happy. It's like eating chocolate. You just have to do it.

I went to a great play today with all our junior students. A Maori play, starring Jim Morrison (not THE Jim but a parent who is also an excellent Maori actor) and Christy's old Year 6-8 teacher about the Maori Batallion. Very moving. They finished with a haka then a saasaa. The girls all loved it, I think.

I have to go away this coming weekend to New Plymouth for our annual Catholic schools public speaking competition, O'Shea Shield. God help us. I am not sure how strong we are this year...

And I have some body pain (from carrying a load of washing, no less) and as someone who rarely even takes paracetamol I have discovered the amazing power of Votaren 25 (I was a little freaked at first as it comes in a box with four pages of precautionary tales)... I have also been a little despondent but I seem to be beating that too. It's all a matter of communication and having channels open to people who care. That's my theory. And finding out how loved you are. I am really lucky to work with so many people who love me. My students are so lovely. It's a joy to wander round the school with so many people to greet you.

Oh and I got MAIL! Wet mail in torrential rain this afternoon but mail from a male (love you kyle xxx)

And now I must go to bed. I have BOOKS TO READ VBG


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Apr. 28th, 2010 05:24 am (UTC)
You seem to be just as busy as usual, glad you're getting in some reading and writing though. Hope the Voltaren works for you, just don't take any aspirin with it!
May. 5th, 2010 06:17 am (UTC)
So busy I don't update LJ! OMG! Behind again!
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