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A whole heap of stuff...

I'm here. I've been to O'Shea Shield in New Plymouth last weekend. We came second by ONE POINT and it's frustrating because the team that won didn't really deserve it! But that's my opinion. At least the two top teams were both girls and both Mercy schools and both from Wellington! Our sister school beat us by one point. It's out of seventeen schools. Good thing is, my Religious Questions team won their section so that's one cup. The drama team I assisted won the Drama cup. The junior prepared speech won a cup. We also brought home the Runners UP cup. And second in two other events! So yay us! We are one of the smallest schools and not one of the wealthy ones, but surely the best!

I've been incredibly busy, as it's MISSION DAY on Friday and I have to send the whole school out on missions to help others. We have a great task this year, planting 400 native flaxes and coprosmas along a fence line in the Town Belt. It's amazing, this guy arrives in a huge four-wheel drive to collect me at lunchtime on Monday and drives me through Newtown which is really dense housing. Between two houses, he unlocks this gate and we drive up a narrow path of grass. He drops into 4-wheel drive and we climb straight up a ridge and down the other side, past a wee playground then up up up a slope and come out above the city. It was amazing. We were suddenly in the middle of nowhere!!! So that'll be a fun job for our Year9s and 13s. I'm sending our Year 12s to rest homes to spend time with the elderly. The Year 10s go to clean up neglected graves at the cemetery and the Year 11s get some team building time with a specialised group at school. I'm so pleased it's nearly organised from my point of view! It's exhausting managing the students and staff for the day! OMG!

Saturday I have another group of little children making their First Reconciliation and that's always pretty cute. I never mind helping in that programme and luckily this year I have two capable parents doing all the background work for me so I just have to teach the children and oversee the liturgy side of things.

The boys have both begun winter sport, soccer and basketball both, so that means a lot of laundry for the next few months! Christy is in the North & South magazine this week as a scholarship achiever in technology so she's very happy. Her first year at Massey Uni seems to be going well. A lot of art work though. It's just constant every week. She thinks she did as much this last term as she'd do in a year at high school.

I've been feeling really overwhelmed lately too, with family and school and stuff to organise. I had a long talk with my Principal on Thursday and it cleared the air quite a lot. She hates seeing me unhappy but I said I'm not sure what to do about it all. It was good to talk though. Once the channels of communication are open, you can think about making things better and know you're not operating alone in the dark.
Thing is, all I want to do is write. It's like a burning irritation inside me. I look at map books of forest parks just to wish I was out in the middle of nowhere somewhere writing. I so want to be alone.

Tonight we're taking my brother-in-law out to dinner at a local Indian restaurant for his birthday. Should be ...um... fun.


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May. 6th, 2010 01:44 am (UTC)
Sounds like you have been keeping busy, as always!! Sorry to hear you have been feeling under the pump, though. It would be nice if you could drop some activities, but given they're all work or family related, I guess that's a little tough!
May. 6th, 2010 06:58 am (UTC)
Glad that things went well at the O'Shea, first next year!! Reading about that brings back many happy memories of when Ian was involved with that!

I hope all goes according to plan for Mission Day, the planting particularly sounds like it will be interesting.

Hope you find some time to be alone, just for you!
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