natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

HI guys, haven't been able to access the Net really at home this week since some of my little darlings used up all our bandwith five days ago! Grrr. We get a new lot in the morning.
THere was a huge downpour just before and I'm dying to go to bed to hopefully listen to more rain beating down on the iron roof. I love that. It feels so right to be in bed listening to pouring rain. And I'm so terribly, incredibly weary.
I'm busy as usual but this week has been heaps better than last week. I'm getting my papers on my desk at work sorted and my room ready for Open Day next Tuesday when we have to put on a show to get pupils to want to come to our college!
I don't have any news really but some of my girls have shared their vast ignorance this week, so I've had a few private, hysterical laughs in class. Firstly my year 9s,
"Miss, what's radiation?" (They're reading Z for Zachariah)
"Well, it's what comes from a nuclear bomb, or an atomic one before that."
"Yes," added another student enthusiastically, "It's what they dropped on Japan and that's why their eyes are shaped like this," she pulls her eyes outwards. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. When I recovered I suggested they'd had differently structured eyelids for a lot longer than 1945...

Another was my from Year 12s -
"Let's look at how they are dealing with poverty on Madagascar."
"What, there are people living on Madagascar?"
"Yes," I commented dryly, "About twenty million. I'll Google it for you and show you on the screen... look, here's a picture of the city-"
"They have CITIES?!"

I think they were influenced by the movie.
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