natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

So with my Year 12s showing an incredible lack of world knowledge, I decided to do some serious World knowledge. We started with the basics, how many continents, oceans, world population etc, then moved on to what are the countries within the continents (everyone had to name at least 5 from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America), and all that was a mission in itself. Then yesterday I gave each pair a disease, "You've got tuberculosis, you two have HIV/AIDS, I'm giving you guys diahorroea..." the girls were a little horrified but got onto it. They had to read the information cards and report back to the class.
After that we played Dr Phil with people who had suffered from the practice of drug traffickers who sold drugs like anti-malarials that were actually filled with flour - I played the bad guy. The girls left that double lesson with some real knowledge about the struggles of so many poor.
25000 children die a day from hunger and hunger related diseases and extreme poverty. Will the Millenium Goals be reached by 2015? I don't think so.

And on that note, I'm off to soccer. It's wet but not cold. Toodle-oo.
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