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tears in the classroom

Well, I guess you can tell I love Nick Earls. He is a very kind person, I can tell you that.
I am basking in his ...kindness.

I had a crappy afternoon after a great morning. This morning my Year 10 class watched the end of Pay It Forward. It's the sad bit, of course. I offered them the opportunity to step out and not watch the very end but they all wanted to see it through. It was very sad of course, and one of my girls who doesn't handle death well sobbed. Others sniffled. Then after that, when we had talked about it a bit, we moved on to two more girls who had presentations to do about their inspiring persons. One girl put a moving song and a powerpoint onto my computer and she did a remarkable job of saying how amazing her mother is after she, my student, had a baby at 13. She cried the whole time she spoke, and she spoke beautifully and with dignity. I think just about everyone cried this time, and this was so very real. My colleague, who had come in to use my other computer, leapt up and said, with some humour, 'Time out, guys, I can't take any more' and left the room!! We were all exhausted!

But this afternoon I had an awful double class and then on the way home my car broke down and so five minutes from home took nearly three hours to get there, and it was pouring with rain the whole time. I got home at eight pm freeeeeezing and damp and tired. Now I am warm again, I have eaten and drunk coffee and I am going to go to bed.

Oh, and did I mention I love Nick Earls? Well, yeah. I do.
Good night, all xx


May. 27th, 2010 09:10 pm (UTC)
I am back and catching up on people's LJs.

::hugs:: (especially for the three hour car disaster)

Glad you've found your hero author is a hero! Have i missed something? Why is he kind?
May. 28th, 2010 10:16 am (UTC)
Wow, hey, helloooo! Someone is out there! Oh I have missed you. It's quiet as a country churchyard around here. I'd just about given up.

Thank you for the hugs! And I have a working car again with a new fuel pump *hugs you back*

-Glad you've found your hero author is a hero! Have i missed something? Why is he kind?
Weeeelll, see, in a moment of madness a while back I sent Nick a copy of Identity Crisis (that first little story I wrote) as a kind of exotic spur-of-the-moment thank you present for my loving Butterfish (his latest book) and he was kind and even said nice things VBG! So I'm still writing and I'm really so very glad he's still writing too. I seem to understand his writing. I think that's because maybe I practically eat it for breakfast *g*.



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