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Saturday musings...

TOnight we went to a party to farewell our friends' daughter who is off to Maryland in the USA for a nanny job. It was not a sad occasion, a girl heading out into the world in search of a challenge. The family is half Italian so family means everything to them. Our whole family came which felt good. My children look great all lined up being well-behaved and suddenly having to rely on one another instead of growling at each other as they do at home!!
I am so tired I can hardly think. There just isn't time to rest, day after day! But I just have to get through five more weeks. Five more weeks. Then most of the staff go to Samoa for Professional Development for a week and I. AM. NOT. GOING. Ha hahahahahaha. I didn't spend six years battling the Samoan community in Strathmore for nothing, I certainly have little desire to go back to the island they all fought so hard to leave to come here. And not without my family. So I said no.
It's hard. I'm DRS, it's an important position in the college. Like next after the Big Three of senior management. But I don't care. I'm not going I'm not going I'm not going.
So I will find something nice to do with my children and I will WRITE. I want to write. So I will.
The other day one of our teachers shared his experience of being caught in the Boxing Day Tsunami in Thailand. He was in a taxi heading for the beach when the wave literally came around the corner of a building, pushing a phone box and a ute ahead of it. "The taxi," he said calmly, "It did float!" He had a phenomenally challenging time there and learnt a lot about himself and others. It was a great talk. The students were fascinated.
And now I shall do to bed. I think I'll do some writing tomorrow... if i get time. I spent three hours at school this morning doing reports and it was POURING, the rain coming in sideways and lashing against my little prefab classroom windows. And it's the first time this year that it's been really cold.
So that's it from me. Good night, dear people.


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May. 30th, 2010 08:51 am (UTC)
I'm glad you have held out against going to Samoa! On that kind of trip you wouldn't learn much if anything. And I hope you get lots of time to write as a reward to yourself!!

Our weather is improving - we keep having snatches of summery warmth then it gets cool again. But we keep hoping.
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