March 8th, 2007


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So, here I am as usual, one end of the house is a disaster but I hope to rectify that tomorrow, after moving a lot of furniture yesterday. Steve gets back tomorrow night so I need it fixed before then *g*

I worked all day today as a relief (supply) teacher at a local college and that was a heap of fun. Four girls who live within spitting distance of my house were in my classes, and I knew a whole heap more from school, my school, the children's school, the local community... it was nice. Two of my friends work there, one as a part timer and one as a teacher aide, so they were very welcoming too. And it's really only a ten minute drive to Kilbirnie. They have SSR (sustained silent reading) just before lunch twice a week, so I grabbed a book from the library as I had to take an Art class fourth period, and I started reading The Vintner's Luck, by NZer Elizabeth Knox, and it looked rather brilliant. The guy gets it on with the angel, as far as I could tell... I'll have to to get it out of the library! I always meant to read it but never did. Now I want to! She has a lovely lyrical style, and I found myself thinking, should I write like that, but it's just not my style naturally, for sure. I think I'm more of a creator of characters and their interactions in a practical sort of way... or am I just not that developed? I dunno, I like my style so bugger it, that's how it has to be for now. I guess I could go on a writers' course and find out how to do a better job, I dunno... maybe what I do is good enough, it is for me anyway *snort*

Star has a new job and I wish her great wishes for a good time there.

I have a lot of writing to do, too, and I promised St Ants that I'd go and do a Mass practice tomorrow afternoon at half past two. So I need to organise my time... Christy has clarinet soon and I get to take my laptop there so that's a good half hour of uninterrupted writing sitting in the carpark. The boys are at a friend's birthday swim, so that was handy.

I haven't heard from the Minister of Education LOL! I wonder what his office thought of my email! So I'm not changing the world exactly but working for a better one all the same. And my parcel I sent Viv must have gotten lost too, where the hell would it be now?! OMG! Even Cari's one got there, despite one thing still sitting right here on the piano! Yikes!

And I think I will be able to chew tonight, although my jaw is still really sore, so there is room for celebrating. But our dear friend over the road who gives us the fish apparently had a bit of a heart attack in the weekend so we had better go over there and see how he is too... OMG so much to do. So as they'd say in cartoon land, later, dudes.

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Becky thank you for all your posts, I love you/it/them! *g*

I watched a beautiful scene today. I had to take a class of Year 12 girls, and one was in a wheelchair. Her teacher aide didn't appear and this girl is also vision impaired, so she couldn't read the small print on the worksheet. Two other girls let her join them at their computer station, putting her between them, and they read the questions aloud, letting her have her say as they typed in the searches on the net. It really was great to see them include her. It was the way they did it, so willingly and with pleasure. I recognised one of them, she'd been at our school years ago, and had become a diabetic at the age of about six. Now, there she is, caring for another young woman who needed help so much. It was beautiful to see.

And every class, when I said 'who wants to lead us in prayer' (and yeah, I thought that was odd but it's what they do there) there was a volunteer. I was moved.

It's important to hang onto the wonder in the things that happen around us. There is so much beauty tucked in amongst the ugliness and rush and noise.


What are you afraid of? I'm not afraid to admit I'm afraid of the dentist and everything to do with that place, I'm afraid of bananas, of being tied up, crowded malls, the edges of tall buildings or balconies, getting food on my hands (I hate that, when you're doing the dishes and there are all those crumbs and things *shudder* hmmm but maybe I hate it more than I'm afraid of it)... I'm not sure what else.

We were looking at a phobia site tonight...
These would be some of my favourites, for the absurdity, to me. Of course, to others, they might be really serious so no offence intended, team... it's just, when you have fears, it's fun to laugh at other people's fears, to minimise the seriousness of your own. So... I did.

Geniophobia- Fear of chins
Deipnophobia- Fear of dinner conversations (that's how I met Steve really - long story!)
Kyphophobia- Fear of stooping
Proctophobia- Fear of rectums
Telephonophobia- Fear of telephones (I just like saying the word really)
Theophobia- Fear of gods or religion (plenty of those on the Net)
Xanthophobia- Fear of the color yellow

Phobophobia- Fear of phobias

and the best of all...

Zemmiphobia- Fear of the great mole rat!! You look, it's really there!

There's nobody about. Think I'll go write now. Working on Breathing Space. And I'm finally falling in love with Nick all over again, and he's flying now. OMG I love him... and he's not gay *g* - but *sigh* he's not real either...
Anyway, I haven't slept more than six hours a night for ages. It's wearing thin. I'm going to go see how I get on at least going to bed before eleven. Just have to hang out the white shirts... see you round.