January 4th, 2009

Xmas kids

First leg of the journey

So we made it to Tauranga. We had to drop in on my aunt and uncle, since my mother had forgotten to look in the wardrobe when she was staying there the other day and left some clothes. Who uses a wardrobe when they're on holiday? asked my children. That took 45 minutes alone but at least they fed us. Then we ate lunch in our favourite coffee shop in Sanson (a one-horse town), had gelato in Taupo where we used the super-loo (it's 40 cents now and Finn managed to pee at Asher's feet in the next cubicle - "How did you do that?" I ask in frustration. "I don't know," he says, "I was just going normally then it was suddenly like riding a bull...") OMG!
Then it was straight through to Rotorua, via Ngongotaha and to Tauranga. My mother had gone out to dinner and she isn't home yet! She left us a key!
So we're here safely. We played the animal game several times. This led to conversations like
Does it have four legs?
Is it a carnivore
I don't think so. What is that?
A meat eater.
Does that include fish?
Well, yes then. Maybe. I'm not sure.
Does it have a shell?
I'm not sure.
Do you know anything about this?
Not really.

Is it bigger than a microwave?
Does it have four legs?
Can it fly?
Finn! It has four legs! It can't fly.
Squirrels have four legs and they fly.
They glide, and this is bigger than a microwave. It'd be a bloody big gliding squirrel...

Is it bigger than a microwave?
Is it hairy?
Is it a penis?
Can we not mention penises?
Well, he was describing one.
No I wasn't.

Yeah, it was like that for hours.
Well, we're here. The weather is immaculate, stinking hot even at eight o'clock at night, and we will be going a lot further north on Wednesday, so I guess... it will be even hotter *g*