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February 5th, 2009

Jenny says no...

And so my year has begun. Meetings, new students, class rolls, option clashes, seating patterns, goals for the year, new staff, orientations, opening liturgies, Academic Mass, it's all starting again. And as a parent, there are stationery lists, duraseal book covers, school fees, new uniforms, shiny shoes, school lunches, travel arrangements, music classes, tennis coaching, sport, timetables, bags, blazers... it's all so busy.

For Christmas, I had bought my friend a black paper photo album, just a little one. It seemed kind of plain, so I decided to decorate it. I went further than I expected, making it into a kind of scrapbooking thing full of memories of things we did together, scraps of paper I was able to scan of activities we had completed back then. I had old pics, old maps we'd drawn up of our adventures together - she was Father Galvini and I was Simon Templar. I had a real mixture of stuff, parts of a letter she wrote to me from Medical school, a funny envelope of bits and pieces she'd put together for one of my birthdays, some photos from school, jokes we'd shared, relatives we'd visited together... I posted it off and she phoned the other day. She loved it, and instead of using it for her own memories, she's going to put in some of the things she has saved from our time together. She'll send it on to me, and I can add more, and we can send it back and forth... we have plenty of great memories. Despite our differences, we each had one parent at home through those years, and we formed a close bond. We were inseperable right through high school.

I realise I haven't posted for a week. I actually started this post days ago, and LJ saved it for me!
Sorry. I really can say it's been frantic. I've worked until midnight every night after getting my own children sorted for their various schools. And this week I did something I have never done. I said NO. Yeah, I really did. I emailed our Bazaar co-ordinator (for our Parish and Parish school) and said I couldn't organise the entertainment for the Bazaar, I had too much to do at school with ERO (the Ministry) coming the week before the Bazaar and Year 13 Retreat the week before that. I can't believe it! I actually said NO! You'd be proud of me. It felt amazing, like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I had started jerking awake in panic each morning at dawn thinking about what had to be organised! And so it will go ahead without my planning. I did meet with the woman I've handed it on to and I gave her all the hints I could. I forwarded an email to her as well, from a company and she's replied to my forward, so her mail came back to me! OMG! I fear for the Bazaar... but I am NOT OWNING THAT PROBLEM! I am free! ...so to speak.

I feel like I have so much to tell you. I had to teach all day today with my new classes. I'll get back to this over the weekend. It's a long weekend, with Waitangi Day tomorrow. I love LOVE four day weeks. OMG, they are the bomb.



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