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February 8th, 2009

A post about nothing...

Hi team. I could post about an English 'bishop' who thinks the holocaust didn't happen. OR I could post about a German Pope who let this guy back into the folds of the Church without 'apparently' knowing what he's been saying out loud and publically for some time. Must have some dumb advisors... Or I could post about the horrific, mind-blowing tragedy unfolding right now in the Southern Australian bush fires, taking us all back to the horrors of 1983 Ash Wednesday. Not to mention the flooding up in Queensland. I am so sorry, my Aussie friends. I could post about Mugabe, in the midst of his catapulting of his country into a third world nightmare, sheltering a human butcher from Ethiopia and how bizarre that all is. I could post about the pathetic reffing in the Sevens last night. Or the magnificent costumes. Or the wonderful fact that I didn't have to clean up after them this year. I could post about the incredible heat here just now, and the dry winds that suck up the moisture from the earth and leave all of us equally vulnerable to fire. I could post about the wonderful visiting priest this morning who gave a one minute sermon that told us it's okay to look after ourselves and it's okay to say no. Amazing, huh. What timing. I could post about someone I don't even know who's mad at me for thinking ME might be heightened through what goes on in the mind, physical torture that it is nonetheless, but surprisingly, having been blasted, flambeed, spit-roasted and hung out to dry by angry women who think they can say whatever they like in any fashion they like on the Net many times before, I don't even care any more.

So I shall post about nothing. Have a good day. Or night. Or whatever. I feel a novel blossoming. I might just go write.



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