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February 27th, 2009

Late evening musings...

We seemed to have survived the Ministry of Education inspection okay. Our Principal is thrilled. Everyone has been so nervous and tense this week but it's over now. We have a barbecue lunch with the Board of our school on Sunday and hopefully it'll be smiles all round. And our big church-school bazaar is tomorrow. I just have to run a 'bowling' stall. Sounds good. I went over this evening to see how the preparations were going and it was the usual pre-Bazaar chaos but, if anything, a lot less chaotic than usual. Trouble is, there's a heavy rain warning for practically the whole country (we can share one weather system between all of us) and that means RAIN. We haven't had a wet Bazaar for about eight years. Everyone is very worried about it, but frankly, it's not like we're giving the money to the poor. I don't care how well we do. I just hope we have a great day, build community spirit and cover at least our costs and a bit more.

This morning at dawn I went for a walk around the block - the sky was a brilliant, startling rose pink, and the seagulls were rushing about in the sky, two sure signs of impending bad weather. Hanging over the Orongorongos this evening are the most amazing, thick, white rounded cushions of clouds, as if they're waiting for the rain as well.

A friend of mine was at dinner with one of the guys I debated with last year. Somehow they got onto talking about me, and (since they're both gay) my friend rushed off and got my story, 'Angles and Curves' and shared it with the debate guy! He really liked it and wanted to know how I seemed to have got it all so right... I think my friend said I had a good imagination *g* It's pretty cool to have a story that is enjoyed by people I respect.

And so a week of less excitement hopefully begins on Monday. I do have to play the guitar at a big 'Catholic schools teachers' Mass midweek, but I actually enjoy that. And I played Flute III in the concert band at school today, just for fun. Christy's friend conducted, as part of her Level 3 Music Leadership assessment. Now that was weird! And I started the first readings for the post grad course in theology. It's a whole bunch of holy stuff that I already know so far so that's promising! I won't get A++++++ grades like Blue Leaf, but I do hope to pass!



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