March 9th, 2009

Te Papa

Hmmm, this didn't post last night... oh well, luckily it was still there

Tihei mauriora.
I speak with love. We are deeply into Lent now and am I becoming a better person because of that? I may be trying but it's not easy to not judge people and just let people be whoever they want to be. And leave them to it.
It's been beautifully warm here even now at eleven p.m. it's very warm. I have the back door open and I'm only wearing a t-shirt and shorts. It's really muggy. Not like Wellington at all. Last week was our Bazaar. I got soaked, completely - the rain started to come down at 8 a.m. and it never ever stopped until after I'd gone home at half past four. It wasn't windy or cold though, and people just kept coming to the fair anyway, a steady stream all day, and unbelievably, we made a huge amount of money anyway. At least $38,000. We were all amazed. I still think it's not all about the money though. Not at all. And I was wet, wet, wet the whole day - but it didn't matter a hoot. My cousin came with her partner and family - they had such a good time at the fair we decided to have dinner together so we had a great evening as well.
Been frantically busy at school. Everyone at work is still relieved about the ERO visit. I have Year 10 camp this week, away with them for three days. That should be a challenge.
I'm also mostly running around ensuring my children get to everything they have to get to. That seems to be a parent's job these days. I told them how long I used to wait on railway platforms and so on but they're not impressed!
I've been incredibly tired because of everything going on, and I wake up more tired than when I go to bed. Never seem to get enough rest. There are always so many things to do. Still, it's going pretty well and I'm not complaining, just... weary. Weeks of term to get through. Tests, assignments, assessments... on and on it goes.
I even do a little line of writing now and then. Just a line or two at a time.
I'm determined to have a really good Monday, somehow. A quiet, measured day... watch this space.