April 8th, 2009


Easter break is a-coming...

One day to go, one day to go. One. Day. To. Go. And I've got all my lessons planned already for tomorrow, three assessments (2 for Year 13, one Year 11), one video breakdown of the Millenium Goals (Ethics class), one student teacher lesson (Year 12 RE), one liturgy for the school (just before lunch). I can't wait, I will be able to think about writing all weekend. (apart from the usual run of Masses at Easter, one each day...)

In preparation I cleaned up my laptop this afternoon. A lot of net people can rest assured that all their nasty stuff I'd saved in little corners has now been deleted FOREVER! Hooray. Out of my life. I will no longer beat myself up over their little digs at one another. Or at me OMG! That was a time indeed. Have I learnt my lesson. Oh yes indeedy.


I will be giving myself permission to think about my own characters, something I really can't do during term time *vbg*

Oh, and I read the latest John Grisham slowly, The Associate, savouring it each night at bedtime. And you know what? I've read all his books, and this one was, for me and what I like about his writing, disappointing. I finished it and felt let down, as if he got near the end and got bored and just finished the damn thing. It didn't reach me, Kyle (main character) didn't reach me, I wasn't moved. I'm really sad about that. I still glance through The Testament almost every day, just reading a random page. This one, I won't pick up again, I imagine. I feel like John G has lost his heart, somehow, for me. I want to sit him down and make him look deep inside himself, find his compassion and his passion. But maybe that's just me and my perception of his recent novels... clever stories but just not so much my cup of tea... still, I have a DIFFERENT favourite author to look forward to soon, huh ;-) And I guess I can always rely on myself - I can write what I want for my own needs *g*, she added in a self-satisfied kind of way

Happy Holy Thursday for tomorrow, team.