April 18th, 2009


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It is a beautiful sunny day here. The clematis beside me is flowering, delicate little white ruffles with glossy green leaves. The Nikau palm has taken all of Finn's lifetime to resume its former glory and now reaches across the deck towards me, massive fronds over fifteen feet long now reach out in all directions from the steps down to the grass. The Cabbage tree too has multiplied its heads, spiky and rustling in the breeze. Lavender heads peer brightly around the edges of the deck. Green lemons hang on grimly to their spiked branches. I delivered some monarch caterpillars to our friend's swan plant along the road. I hope she doesn't mind. I clattered along there in my gumboots with a small pail of spiky tumbling caterpillars.

I've been working on Breathing Space again, because I can. Here's the bit I was tidying up today. I think I shared it ages ago. But whatever. It's where I am right now.
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