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April 24th, 2009

A Nick Earls fan (and I can spell it right)

After a very, very stressful night, I've now been up for twenty hours. I am going to bed. Yesterday, though, there was some triumph before the chaos and I have now mastered brilliant cupcakes at last (frustrated with our own cupcake recipe I Googled for one and used the first one that came up - it was brilliant!). I have to admit I am very tired now though.

The following is part of an email my guitarist sent around the music group today, quoting from the minutes of the Liturgy Committee:

Here’s the bit where Jenny left the meeting. ( Funny)

De-brief on Easter ceremonies: Julie tabled her written comments on each of the Easter ceremonies from Passion Sunday to Easter Sunday for all to read and comment on at the next meeting. A discussion on the ceremonies surfaced some dissatisfaction, from different points of view, about the music. Jenny left the meeting during this discussion.

Yeah, that's when I said, I just remembered I need to be somewhere else.  And I left.

Nick Nick Nick remains my hero and said his book comes out at the very end of June hopefully, and he did make a joke about Perth and bookstores *g* see, I'll be in Perth when the book comes out, hopefully, as I'll be attending the Mercy Conference with my boss. We're also taking two of our senior students, if we can raise enough money to pay for their tickets. Might get my Mercy Crew to sell chocolate... that's always popular. The other day one of my seniors burst into my classroom and said, could she ask a question. Sure, I said. She turned to the class, and called in a desperate voice, Is anyone selling any chocolate? 

Did a lot of schoolwork today. First few lessons for seniors all done and dusted, with resources. Marking moderated over nice coffee with my fellow Year 13 teacher.  Ideas for a liturgy growing.  And it's ANZAC day tomorrow. Shops closed all morning. No sport until Sunday when Finn has his first soccer game of the season. I'm not the coach this year, just the manager. Tomorrow might be a good day to get some work done, I imagine. And now, I'm off to bed!   E noho ra.  (see you later, alligator)



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