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April 26th, 2009

Sunday meanderings...

Mass today had to be put off until the evening. Because of ANZAC Day being on a Saturday this year, we had to play sport on Sunday morning. Finn's soccer team kicked off in the pouring rain! I was soaked ten minutes into the match and I was just on the sideline. I have a new coach, so I don't have to coach, but he's rather ...direct and I felt I needed to soften the blows a little - the children are only 12 years old! The rest of the parents sheltered under the stands (we were playing in the middle of the Newtown running track). Finn recovered from a stunning illness that struck him down yesterday, preventing him writing his speech, driving him to sleep part of the afternoon, unable to walk properly or even eat much. He staggered, bent over, into our bed at two this morning and groaned and struggled beside me for two hours. And yet this morning, he awoke in his own bed ready to play soccer. I called him 'miracle boy' all day.

His speech is done now. He's doing one on 'unusual names people call their children', some famous ones like the children of Bob Geldof, the son of David Carradine apparently called I P Freely, and Zowie of course. But there are some amazing ones here in NZ, like Number 16 Bus Shelter, Benson and Hedges (twins) and the classic, a 9 year old last year who wanted to change her name from Talula Does the Hula in Hawaii.

I have written the first half of my essay that's due on the first of May. I hope to do the next bit tomorrow night. It's not exactly stimulating stuff, Theology 101-type stuff but at least I'm on the way.

I worked and worked today on schoolwork, after soccer and before and after Life Teen mass tonight, and finished a lot of jobs but I seem to have heaps of things I'd like to have done over the holidays. Still, maybe I can do those things this week in the evenings...
I have to attend an Ethics course on Wednesday. I might get some thinking done there, as I dislike the presenter, the famed Peter Vardy. I find him arrogant and rather boring! I don't feel like I have the right to think this about him, but honestly, last time, grrrrr!



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