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May 5th, 2009

Philip and Jenny O'Brien are now friends. · Comment · Like

Hee, I have moments lately when I rather like Facebook *g*

...Phil Gulley. What a freaking awesome guy. I'd like to be locked up in a room with Phil and Nick for an hour or ten. *sigh* Just to talk. And laugh, OMG we could laugh so much. Wouldn't that be amazing. They are both masters of finding the funny in the little things in life.

Today one of my girls wrote an essay about a cult in NZ that tithes one's earnings and takes a share of profits,

"and they have to give ten percent of their earrings, and prophets... That's about ten dollars for every earring." We markers had a few laughs, I have to admit. I'll share some more of it tomorrow if I remember to bring it home.

I had to have a blood test today and my two friends at school had been to the same place, both coincidentally this week. They had both, also coincidentally, had an awful, bossy nurse who had yelled at an elderly Chinese lady and left both friends with large inner elbow bruises. I said that's it, I'm not going. But they made me. I did okay. I struck a nice male nurse for the first time. Small bruise. But very fast work. I left about three minutes after I went in. Not bad on a working day.

Steve has gone away for the rest of the week. After school today I balanced Religious Questions with soccer practice, collecting Finn and going to Christy's parent-teacher evening, where I get to be the parent. I rather like it. And now to bed. If the washing machine would just hurry up...



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